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A day at June Mtn.

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We drove past Mammoth Saturday (sorry, Bandito, last-second command decision) to June Mountain and WOW, what a day; definitely up there on my (admittedly short) list of Great Ski Days.

Bluebird skies, fresh snow, and no crowds didn't hurt at all.

From the lot, the face of the hill is legitimately steep and I immediately wondered what the surface would be like. The first ride up revealed conditions to be potentially sublime and once we set out bounding down through the fresh fluff - the trees! the trees! - it was difficult to leave the area and head for more higher up.

By the way, worth noting is that once at mid-mountain the terrain opens up to reveal a broad, friendly area that may in fact be perfect for never-evers, beginners, or anyone looking for some very leisurely cruising. For solid intermediates, there is an area we did not hit that looked to steepen out to solid blue terrain. Looking up from mid-mountain, this area is up and off to the left. (I'm wondering now if it was even open.)

The small lakeside town itself is a jewel.

And your Mammoth Pass is good at June.
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I passed it during the summer a few years ago, beautiful country. I've been wanting to get there since.

One day...
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WOW June mountain seing that name is like a blast from the past. I skied there a couple of time years ago. what a nice place. more relaxed and low key then Mammoth as I recall never that crowded either. thanks for sharing Ryan. Thanks for the memories of a fun mountain.
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