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All mountain mogul ski

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I have been looking for an all mountain mogul ski for the past few days. Pretty much went through most shops in my area and read tons of good information on this site.

I am 30 and have been skiing since I'm 3. I pretty much spent the last 8 years skiing on my 200cm Dynastar Course GS and actively ripping them out down any mogul run I could find

However, I feel like it's time for me to move toward a true bump ski. I came accross this 2001 or 2002 184 Bandit XX (red). I'm 5'8", 180lbs and very athletic. Do you guys think that 184 might be pushing it, or should I be able to cruise through moguls with ease ?
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Since you sound like a strong skier you'll probably like that length better in the bumps - the extra tip will give you better absorbtion - and fast bump skiers really don't turn much anyway. Now if you were to start doing more tight East Coast tree skiing or something, then I would go a bit shorter. If you live out West than the 184 sounds like a good length...

fwiw - that's a pretty wide ski for someone who mostly skis bumps - I ski the sierras 3 days a week and I'm on a 72mm waist ski except on big pow days....what's the XX, 74mm? perhaps you think more about width and edge to edge quickness...
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The XX is indeed fairly wide but softer than the X version I believe. So, it's a stiffness vs width deal, unless I should compare the XX with something just as soft but narrower... Also, wouldn't the extra width help in preventing some ski banging?
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