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Scott USA skis?

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I know that they are sold in Europe and Canada. Garts Sport bought out a large stock from somewhere and now have them on sale for $179.00. They have a twin tip that is 175cm long with a waist of 73mm The only thing I know is,is that they have an all wood core and they seem to be built really well. Anybody have any info on The Scott USA skis?
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Saw them at Sniagrab. From what I've been able to find out, they are being made by Atomic, just as the new Volants are. Have heard reasonable reviews from a few people, but have not yet personally skied on them.

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Thanks for the reply Vail, I have been looking on the net for some reviews.They get a nod from a mag in Canada. I guess I can't go to wrong witha price of $180.00
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I thought they were built by Blizzard, not that it matters. For 180$ you probably can't go wrong but someone once said
"talk is cheap good skis cost money".
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Someone said that??
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waxman,The original retail price on those skis was much more then the $180.00. They are sell for now. I have a pretty good quiver. I have been thinking that a twin tip would be kind of fun. If I could find a good used K2 Enemy for around $200 I would most likly go that route.
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