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Park City Bears, how about a little advice...

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Park City Brethren,

I'll be departing the cozy confines of Vail for a weekend in Park City.
I'm arriving this Thursday and will be skiing Fri-Sunday. Because of family obligations I'll be limited to PC, DV and perhaps the Canyons.
Would love to get over to Alta & Snowbird but it doesn't look like it's gonna happen this trip.

I'm level 9 and always prefer the road less traveled to the groomed. I'll be looking for the steep & deep.

So anyone care to share any stashes with me?
Which resort will give me the least crowds & best snow?

All advice welcome & thanks in advance.
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Well, everyone here knows DV is the place to be on a powder day. Past that, you'll need to reach out to Utah49, Lodro, and a couple of our other PC bears.
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I'm going to Jackson and targee fora couple of days might be able to do a sunday I'll drop you a pm as my plans get firmed up. By the way it is Dumping just checked Epic before I head out the door for some Pow
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Excellent Utah49.
I'm bringing both the Recons & Chiefs so I should be prepared for anything mother nature throws my way. My flight from SLC back to Denver isn't until 8pm Sunday so I'll get the entire day.
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Skii off the Empire and Mayflower lifts at DV only one run groomed to/around each lift. You won't be dissapointed.
You want to get out to Empire EARLY, cause it does and can get busy out there.
Oh i for to mentioned Sultan. Ski the trees out there , above the bottom of the lift.
Eat lunch before noon, or after 2pm, ski while every one isat lunch, the mtn mtys out.
Your gonna have some of the best skiing of the season on your trip out. I was out there last Mon-Thur no complaints from me
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Cool. Thanks a ton. Skied DV back in '95 on a few powder days & felt like I had the hill to myself.
How about some PC insight? I'm staying at the base and plan on hitting it but only have 1 day there many years ago & don't remember a thing about it.
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Get yourself to the back of the resort ASAP and stay there all day. Jupiter lift is good.

Thaynes for bumps.

If you want jumps, PC has incredible jumps off of the Payday lift.
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Sorry i'am not an expert on PCMR, UTAH49 can help you out there.
I would think McConkys would be awesome on a powder day, before the crowds get there.
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I agree. Go to DV and PCMR. Leave the freshies and steeps of the Canyons for me!
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Ahhh...i'm glad someone chimed in on the canyons. It's the only major place in Utah (aside from solitude) that I haven't skied.
Care to share any insight with me? I'd love to hit PC, DV & Canyons on each of my 3 days. Just found out the hotel has transport to all areas.
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This is Presidents Day weekend, a big school vacation week and us Easterners will be invading. I'd avoid PCMR, ski 9990 at Canyons (if Mr. Canyons will share), and anything at either end of DV.
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Thank you drb. I am glad that there are other Canyons supporters out there. Whether it is the steeps and trees of 9990, the arternoon natural steeps around Super Condor, or the sheer beauty of the quite rollers of Dreamscape, The Canyons offers some of the finest drops the Utah, and the country, has to offer.
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hEy i never said i didn't like the Canyons, i just pefer the older parts of theresort. I am madd however they did away with one of best concert venues Utah had.
Miss sitting at my condo and lsiening to live music
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DV was great last week. In a trip report, I posted it was my favorite. I second Empire and Bald mountain. They were less traveled than other spots as they are off to the side. I also agree with staying around Thaynes or McConkey's at PC. I didn't go up Jupiter. Get to DV early. Supposedly they limit the number of skiiers on the mountain.
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