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Powder alert

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dumping as i type this report. so far PCMR reports 18" Snowbasin 14" and the cottonwood canyons well 24' would be a conservitive guess. Ok this reporter has got another asignment "test snow for for ski ability. Yeah I know it's a tough job but somebody has got to do it ........ signing off from the Wasatch mountains your reporter U49
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You may not be able to spell, but I bet you can ski a little powder. :thumbsup:

It's nice when powder actually falls enough that you get to practice.
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Originally Posted by Utah49
dumping as i type this report.
I'll second that assessment.....

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this day was one of those majic days. Everything came together. The snow the air temp it was all working. The mountain was reporting 18" but there was much more up there. I hit the eagle lift early while ajusting my boots I over heard a ski patroller say that CB's was open to the public! Cb's is the run used for the Olympic events at Park City. Normally it is closed so the ski teams can use it for training. There were a few chairs ahead and a few tracks going down CB's i watched one skier drop and get a full over the head shot of snow. Hoots rang out from the lift another skier also got covered by cold smoke. thank goodness people were framing the run by the time I droped in there were tracks but still a lots of thigh deep powder. I was letting the skis run my vision blured by all the snow flying up into my face. at one point i must have been breathing through my mouth becuse I got an ice cream headache from snow lodged in the back of my throat. I did a few more runs on CB's and Picabos run before heading off to see what other delights were in store. The rest of the day was much like the Morning. The further up the mountain the deeper the snow. by noon the clouds disappeared and the sky was that shade of blue that you only get here in the west. By 1pm my legs felt like jello. Some water a an energy bar and some Advil and a 1/2 hour later I was back at it. At 3 I was done I could barely walk. At the base i sat in a chair in the sun, my legs hurting my body sore and grinning from ear to ear looking around there were a lot of other people with that same silly grin.
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U49: You must be getting old. I bet 10 years ago you would have been ready for a few runs during the "night" skiing hours. On a serious note, I wish that I was out there today. Oh well, I must wait until Friday. Hopefully, we will get a few more inches (15-30) between now and then, so it won't be skiied out by then.
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Utah49 you're KILLING me!! We leave for Utah on 2/24 and are dying to get into some fresh powder!

We're going to ski Snowbasin, the Canyons, and Solitude....never skied the 2nd two, and can't wait to try them! Just keep your fingers crossed that there will be some fresh left by the time we get there......
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stop stop stop S T O P IT !!!!
Utah it's not nice to brag like that
My four days last was awesome, and now your saying it's even better

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Wow!! I've seen days like that there in the Wasatch. Sounds awesome, Utah49!!

Wish I could have been there to share in the goods...

It was a GREAT day to stay in the office and do work.
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