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Fischer FX 7.6 FTI

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Does anyone know if there is a difference between Fischer FX 7.6 FTI 2003-2004 (Silver / Grey tops witha black section at the tail PIC) and Fischer Big Stix 7.6 2003-2004 (all black I think)?

When I ordered the backcountry.com skis I got the FX not the big stix. Just curious what I have here. It seems stiffer when I flex it by hand than the 04-05 Big Stix 7.6 that I demoed earlier this season. Thanks.


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dunno... maybe it's a topskin design for canada or europe? or japan? maybe it was the AT/randonee version? Rossi does similarly with the B2-3-4 for telemark/at, calling them the T2-3-4.

The 2003-04 BigStix 7.6 also is an FX 7.6 FTi -- it just depends on which bits of the topskin you want to read first.
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Thanks for the response Gonzo. The only differense is the lack of the Big Stix name. I Think they may be a foriegn version as the european review sites I saw used th egrey pic while the american websites seem to use the black one with the big stix branding.
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Tim, here's an example of the BigStix 8.6 sold for AT/Tele, called the "Mustang" -- different graphics, same ski.

link to Backcountry.com's web page for Mustang-- http://www.backcountry.com/store/FIS...stang-Ski.html

Fischer also sells the BigStix 7.6 for AT/Tele, called the "Stingray" -- again, different graphics, same ski

link to Backcountry.com's web page for the Stingray-- http://www.backcountry.com/store/FIS...ngray-Ski.html
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Thanks Guys!!!

I finally have my new Bigstix 7.6 FTi 03-04 175s mounted with Rossignol Axium 110 bindings. I am looking forward to taking them out this coming sunday for the field test. I will post an additional review when I have time. I wanted to thank both Gonzostrike and Utah49 for their help and influencing me to demo this ski and in helping me find a sweet deal on it as well. Total cost was less than $300 total for hardware and mounting. Thanks a bunch.
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enjoy 'em, Tim. I picked up a pair thanks to U49's Sierra Trading Post link, and got some P12 Ti binders from a buddy at a local shop, making the whole setup cost me about $275. killer. they rip too.

fantastic on hard snow, rip the velvet corduroy, destroy the crud. not as much float as a ski with 85mm + waist, but then you don't expect that if you're smart, and they still float better than the vast majority of 70mm waist all mountain skis (i.e. K2 Axis X/Apache X and other similar profiled skis).
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