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This forum has given me some good advice and I am trying to pass on some help to any of you. A few buddies of mine are going up to Jackson Hole March 5-12 and have secured a condo at a good price. Hopefully, work allowing, I will be joining them for some or all of the time. It has 5 beds distributed among 2 or 3 rooms, plus a kitchen. Anyway, I doubt that all of those will be taken, so if someone wants to come up for the week or a few days it shouldn't be a problem. You can drop us a little money or bring some groceries and we can call it even. A little background, it will be guys from 20-25 years of age with most interest directed toward skiing/snowboarding. While there might be some trips to the Mangy Moose or other bars, the condo will in no way resemble Animal House. If anyone is interested, let me know, once I get final info I can let you know if we can spare a bunk (or two). Hopefully, I'll be enjoying the place as well.

Oh, as an aside, the guy I got it from is on ebay, username ncharris. He has more units than just the one or two on ebay, and for more weeks. While his inventory is running a bit low, if you're interested, get in touch with him. Good guy, amazing deal.