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K2 Public Enemy vs. Rossignol B2

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Just noticed that the local ski shop is closing out this year's Public Enemy for $199. It's not a ski I've ever paid any attention to, but the price made me take notice. My last couple of skis I've purchased, I did so without demoing. The first pair I liked quite a bit (Atomic Beta Ride 9.22) and the second pair not so much (Volant Machete Soul - too tank-like).

I ski almost exclusively in Utah and my preferred terrain is soft bumps and I'd like to get into tree skiing. I'm still working on my technique in the bumps - I get down them without crashing most of the time, but I don't win a lot of style points. Yesterday I demoed a 170cm Rossi B2 in for several runs and liked how it performed in the bumps. I didn't like the B2 when I tried it in icy, hardpack conditions, but it seemed to perform nicely on the not-so-icy groomers. I was ready to look for an end-of-the-year bargain on the B2 until the PE caught my eye.

So I read some reviews on the board on the Public Enemy and it seems to be a somewhat similar ski (unless I'm interpreting the reviews incorrectly). The dimensions are almost identical except for the PE is slightly wider at the waist than the B2. Has anybody skiied both and, if so, do you think I'd like the PE as much as the B2? Also, I'm 5'10" 175. With the PE, would 169 or 179 be better?

I'd demo first, but the shop is in L.A. and I'll be driving up to Utah permanently this weekend and won't have the opportunity. I guess I can always buy them and hawk them on ebay if I don't like them.
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I would demo if possible unless you can afford to gamble with the $200...I can't afford it but I normally just take the gamble route...

btw the Machete Soul is my favorite ski of all time (so far)!! Stick with it and be aggressive and I bet you'll come to love the heft and I bet it takes you to the next level - either way use it for training...it's like swinging a baseball bat with a donut on...take the donut off (go to a lighter ski) and you can do anything!!

I swear I've improved more in the last 3 weeks with that ski than I dreamed I ever would in my life...not kidding
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the PE is a very playful ski, and the best all-around twin tip on the market. i was planning on buying a pair of volkl 5 or 6 stars next season... instead ill keep my PEs for everything but ice and buy myself a new pair of SL skis. they work great in powder (the deepest ive taken them is 8-10"), on hardpack, and they pound crud like its nothing. they're not changing that much for next year, so if you dont mind not having the newest equipment, they're certainly my favorite ski of the year (ive skied metrons, 6stars, legends, scratches, and RX8s).
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I'll probably hang onto the Machetes for hardpack days. They do work well under those conditions. They're just too heavy for me to maneuver easily in tight turns - at least I found the B2 to be much easier to get around in.

So takecontrol, how stiff is the PE? I really liked the soft flex and relative dampness of the B2. Is this PE similar? Also, other reviews I've read have noted that it is heavier than other park skis. Does this mean the PE is heavy or is that just relative to park skis?
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For $ 200 get teh PE, if you dont like sell it on ebay for 250. i know a bunch of my friends that would snap up a PE at 200. I ski them, but i have skiied bad rentals and the PE, not a comparison. it is stiff in comparison to most park skis, and it does not erally like the ice, or maby that just mine cuase the edges are dull.....
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did you say ice in utah?and why arent you skiing epic pow?

go with the b2
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Yeah that caught my attention as well, Ice and utah in the same sentence?
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I love what Utahans call "ice".

On topic- PE and B2 are apples and oranges. Totally different animals, both do what they're meant to do real well. Decide which one you need.
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Originally Posted by xdog1
On topic- PE and B2 are apples and oranges. Totally different animals, both do what they're meant to do real well. Decide which one you need.
Advice heeded. I went over to the shop and just by picking them up, they did feel like two different skis. Besides, it might look a little silly for a 34 year-old accountant to be riding around on the PE anyway.

As I know I already like the B2, I'll just be on the lookout for and end of the year deal on those.

If anybody's interested in getting a deal on the Public Enemy, though, you can pick them up at www.skinetsports.com. I believe they'll ship them to you.
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Go with the 179, its a twip and you lose running length on the tail. I have this years 179 PE & it is perhaps the best all-rounder Ive skied. Also has a beefer feel than the B2.. good luck
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I have a pair of Rossi Scratch, and Legend 8k's, they closely mirror the 2 skis you're choosing from. They ski like night and day.
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Buy the PE's! IMO they are a great all around ski. The wood core makes them better than other "park" type skis. I'm 30 and don't care about the park. I ski them in pow, crud, trees and groomers.

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I demoed the PE at Mammoth in late October and loved them. I've been riding demos the whole season until a couple of weeks ago. I demoed the B2 the day after Christmas in Montana. It was ok but not nearly as versatile as the PE. I ended up buying the PE a couple of weeks ago and just spent 3 days on them at Alta. I absolutely love them. They did great early in the morning on Tuesday through the 15" of powder and plowed through the crud the rest of the day. They handled everything I threw at them.

As mentioned above, the twin tips will make them ski shorter. I went with the 179. I am 5'10" 192 lbs and I like shorter skis. I was amazed at how short the 179 skied. I mounted them 2cm forward. This has helped me overcome my tendency to get on my tails too often and to get out over the front of the ski.

I'm not crazy about the gangsta-boy graphics either but I buy skis based on how they ride, not how they look. If I was going for looks, I really like the Head MadTrix MoJo (which also happens to be a great ski too). BTW, I'm 43 and I will say I've gotten interesting looks while on the PE from some of the younger crowd. Demo them before making your choice unless you can't get over the graphics.

Mike Lewis
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If you can't get past the graphics, one could always spray paint over them. ;-)

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