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Gonzo's Padded Cell  

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Harvard Tiger's Post deleted.

Edited by AC...

New forum rule:
HarvardTiger is not to address gonzo AT ALL about ANYTHING. Gonzo is not to address HarvardTiger AT ALL about ANYTHING.

If anyone else wants to be added to this absurd list of limited direct communication privileges then behave the same way that you saw leading up to this new forum rule.
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Hey, Tiger,
You're giving gonzo exactly what he wants. Ignore him and you will win. It takes away the power of his words and makes them insignificant. If you flip out then you give him power.
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never thought I'd see pussycat stoop so low. I'm embarrassed for you pussycat. :
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Donate to the site and post this in the supporter's lounge. I doubt anyone other than you would find this to be humor.
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Andrew, I don't know. "Begun the flame war has." Struck my funny bone. The whole post was worth that, don't you think.
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That is very much true, but... If one wants to get personal with members shouldn't one pay to be a supporter of this site?
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True, but then, I believe that everyone should pony up for this great site, even if it is only a couple of bucks. AC, DCHAN, and the rest (sort of sounds like the Gilligan's Island song) do a great job and we should support them with our bucks, pounds, shekels, and euros.
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See my edit in the first post of this thread.
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