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New skis for wife

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My wife is an averidge 40y skier and doesent like to go fast. She hates off pist and bumps and cannot carve. However, she likes ski school, me as a personal trainer doesent do anymore, when we are on holliday but all the instructors allways complains about her 10y old gear. Now she has finally agreed to new skis. They should be easy to ski on. They should skid well but also carve. They should be made for groomers but they should also handle off pits. I was thinking a ski that had a turn radius of about 14m and waist at 70mm. She is 160cm tall and weights arround 55kg. Here are my options based on ski shop salesman suggestions and $$$.

Atomic B7 diva
Head Lightning iM

Length 156-158cm (too short will make them harder to skid and unstable) Her old skis are 170cm and she doesent like too short ones.

What do you think? Any opinions? Are there other much better options out there?
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How about one of the K2s? Can you get them over there? The Burnin' Luv has gotten outstanding reviews from women like your wife right here on the list.
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It sounds like for her ability the Burnin' Luv may be too advanced a ski,
but the other Luvs could be great for her. I've never met a K2 owner who didn't "luv" her skis. I have the K2 T: Nine X's, which
are 2 years old and the equivalent is supposed to be the K2 One Luv.
And my sister has the True Luv's. Both models are very forgiving with a softer flex. They both love groomers and carve and can go off-piste, too.
You can see the description of all the models on
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Cryptica, good link. Very nice www page. I have to see what kind of prices they have arround here. Ssh, yes, we havem here as well. Some years ago we used to get them cheap. Are women skis just a fancy paint job and softer than the equivalent unisex models or do we have some real differenses?
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With the K2s, there are some real differences: flex, balance point, sidecut, pretty much everything. The same is true to a greater or lesser degree with other women's skis. The K2 folks seem to have gotten them as "right" as anyone.

BTW, talk with LisaMarie here about the Burnin' Luvs. She's a level 6 skier, although more interested in improvement than your wife seems to be, and she loves the Burnin' Luv. I tend to think that a better ski helps more than hinders, but you may not agree...
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After soliciting a lot of advice from this forum-I bought my wife a pair of k2 one luv's in the low 150's (cm). The have a 68 mm waist-She's very happy-she says they feel much lighter than her old (actually much lighter) skis, hold a great edge on ice and turn with ease. Frankly, I have yet to talk to a user of the k2 women's line of skis who isn't delighted with them.

And, as a bonus, unlike the painfully garish atomic women's skis-the one luvs have a rather subdued 'feminine' graphic-a few flowers on a deep gray background-fairly tasteful on the whole.
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New skis for wife? Sounds like a deal to me.
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ssh - since there are no other brands of skis promoted here I have to seriously consider K2's. Maybe my wife will be more interested in improvement after she gets skis made for her gender insted of demoing same skis I use.
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Might want to consider swapping the Head Lightning iM for the Head Lightning iC. Just bought a pair for my wife, who doesn't like to change her equipment once she is comfortable with it, but after one run on the new iC's, she proclaimed that she would never ski on her previous pair again. And her old ones where not that old to begin with (three seasons). The reason I got her the iC over the iM's is that the iC is a lot easier to turn and less demanding than the iM. If your wife is an aggressive skier and skis at higher speeds and routinely skis off piste than the iM would be the way to go, but from what you describe, your wife is similar to mine in style and terrain preferences. One of the other reasons for going with the Heads over other fairly forgiving skis such as K2's was their superior performance on ice, as we ski mainly in New England.
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Can she demo a few pairs? That way she can decide about the weight, etc. I found this year I like my new Volkl Supersport Gamma better than my K2's.
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ssh --

yeah, I've heard nothing but raves about the Burnin' Luvs, too.
I'm a Level 6 -- now almost a 7 -- but wasn't thinking of them
as my next ski because I've been under the impression (everyone,
please correct me if I'm wrong) that the Burnin' Luv is for more
aggressive skiers - - because of its construction and the other Luv's are more forgiving with a softer flex. I know I'll have to demo them to ultimately decide, but whenever I see the word "aggressive" in a ski description, I know that's not me. "Focused," maybe -- but not aggressive.

tdk6 -- here's one other nice point in favor of K2's: the company donates part of every sale to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund. (The skis have the pink ribbon logo on the bottom of them as a reminder).
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My wife is the same catagory as a skier (though she hasn't quite turned 40 yet). I recently bought her a pair of 2004 Volant Vertex 68's in a 150cm. Yes, they are a heavy ski, but boy did they make a difference in her skiing.

Normally she prefers the groomed blue trails, but on these she had no problems with crud or soft moguls. When given a choice on which run to do next, she was more willing to try the ungroomed trails that she normally stays away from. On the groomers she was noticeably faster too.

You can also find these online pretty cheap. I picked hers up for $200.
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Cryptica, that would put you in a similar class to Lisa Marie, I think, and she loves the Burnin' Luv. I'm not sure why she hasn't dropped into this thread, yet!
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Ssh -- Lisa Marie has praised the Burnin' Luvs in other threads, so tdk6, you could do a search on K2 or Burnin' Luv and you'll find what has been said about them.

Fortunately, I'm still happy with my 2003-04 K2 T-Nine X's -- at least for the rest of this year, anyway. (And I'm hoping that maybe by the time I'm ready for a new pair, K2 will change the name of the "Luv" skis to something less goony! )
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I'm another Burnin' Luv disciple. I never thought I would buy a 'womans specific' ski, but on advice I demoed them, and loved them in every condition. I've just come back from three weeks in Colorado and skied them in everything.

A friend I was skiing with couldn't get his head around the name, and kept calling them all sorts of things like 'what are those things called? Bad Bitches?'

I think they're really pretty too, and K2 make matching poles!
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Wife just demoed a bunch of skis & came home with the Volkl 724 EXS (tan) in 149cm. She is a little shorter than your wife but about the same weight. She was coming off of Volkl V10s in 163. They skid well & hold an edge like you would expect from Volkl and are 71mm in the waist. She liked them in soft & hardpack.
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Thanks for the input here all of you. I bought my wife 155cm long sandwich Blizzard Junior GS racing skis radius 14m. Wife was very pleased at first sight, first of all they were the cheapest deal of all of the good skis, then they had a very nice design, then they were Blizzard, a brand that I had taken her off when we met and they finally because they were not too short and not too radically shaped. No 120mm showel.

I will let you all know how they work. And what her ski-instructor says.
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I'm a skier more or less similar to your wife.

I just bought the HEAD Lightning C and I'm deligthed with them. I'm taller than your wife ( 1m66 and 60 kilos ), and I bought the 1m56 ones.

I hesitated between skis of 1m 55 and 1m60, so I tried different women skis.

The other brand which was also very enjoyable to ski was the Rossignol Fun 2, but they only had 1m49 left and I thought it was too short.

I also bought new boots ( SALOMON X Wave 7 specifically for women ) and I solved my "burning foot" problem instantly:-)

I did not try and heand Lightning IM, but they are supposed to be even better than the Lighting C.

Sincerely and Hello from Switzerland,

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Welcome to EpicSki, Régine! Thanks for dropping in and contributing. Ain't the Internet awesome?!
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New Skis

I realized something when I went to this upcoming season's Demo Days at a local hill. Though I'm a stronger skier that you describe your wife to be, it actually has little to do with the ski brand, but rather her skiing style.

I believe that each ski company has refined their skis so much to date that all skis within a certain category for every brand are just as good as the next. It really depends on how your wife actually skis.

I suggest (if possible) that she demos as many different types of skis from differet categories as possible. SHE will then realize which ski she is most comfortable on, which should be the ski she ulitmately gets.

Good luck with the search!
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how bout SALOMON

The salomon scrmbler is an excellent ski yor your wife.They go through anything any are real esay to initiate a turn with
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get her to try the B1w?
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