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Thoughts on Fernie

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I'm planning ahead for next year. Have the possibility of going to Fernie. Anyone been? Opinions?
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Yup, been skiing here for over 30 years now. Conditions are quite good now despite the unusually low snowpack. I wouldn't advise coming at christmas as conditions can be pretty sketchy. In general the last 2 weeks in Feb and the first 2 in March are a pretty good bet as far as conditions go.

If it was me I would book rooms in town rather than on resort. Not only are they cheaper, there is more to do in town as far as nightlife and restaurants. It is only a 10 minute drive to the hill and there is a good shuttle service.

Also if your looking for other skiing options I would suggest booking a cat skiing trip with Fernie Wilderness Adventures.
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My opinion is that if you are going to Fernie you are very lucky.
My sister was there today - had a great time.
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The only caution is that it does rain occassionally!!! But when it snows it snows. I've been sking Fernie for 10 years and have talked to a lot of unhappy visiters due to the rain. But if you hit it right your in for a great time!!
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