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Late season Cruising, SLC

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I have a Salt Lake trip planned with my parents (63, 65) for the week after Easter. (March 28 -- April 2/3).

For them, the two biggest concerns are:
groomed open cruisers
close access (ski in ski out?)

We've done Solitude in the past but i thought it was too small for a full week, alta is out (son snowboards) and I think the bird is too challenging (but perhaps enough blue trails exist at Snowbird?)

Is Brighton "big enough" for a week trip?

So, i'm most likely looking at ParkCity or Canyons.

Any comparison btwn these two and/or lodging rec's appreciated.

brad in michigan
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you could go back to Solitude. you don't have to spend the whole week at one mountain. Brighton is right next door and a haven for Snowboardinging. On the other hand Park City area has three world class resorts all with in a few mins of each other. You could drop your son off fora day at the Canyons or Park City and take the folks to deer valley for a Day. If they like the groomed runs it's the best there is. PCMR has something for everyone. The free bus can take you anywhere you want to go in town. pluse the night life on Main st is fun spending a day good way to take a day off from skiing. again The resorts are so close here in utah you don't have to be stuck at any one mountain ofr a whole week.
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