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Helmut advise

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This is the year I buy a helmut. I'd like to be an informed shopper before I start, so my question is, what should I know before I head to the ski shop?? : :
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do a search on "helmets" and you will get a bunch of hits. Lots of advice.

Most important, fit. Don't ask which one is best. Go to the shop with no preconceptions. just take your goggles/eye wear and plop yourself infront of the display stand and start trying them on. shake your head with it on, does it slip, move hurt... when you find the ones that fit your head, then look at features and colors. If it doesn't fit it will end up on the shelf for the whole winter. Sizes are different from mfg to mfg so a large in one company does not mean large in another company.

Good luck. and good choice.
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Gumby, Make sure it fits really well. You don't want to give yourself an excuse to not wear it. I have an older helmet so I'm not up to date with the newer helmet technology that may be out there. Just make sure you have someone at the shop fit you properly. Good decision.
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what dchan said, 2x.

once you have afew that fit well some further advice:
1)if you can get a removable liner that is washable do so. I am on my 4th helmet, mostly because after 100+ days they start to smell.
2) I would advise an over the ear model. i had a "shorty" but a branch glanced off the shell& dug into my head above my right ear. finishing a ski day is more fun than stitches. depending on how & where you ski of course.
3) pick a lighter colour, black helmets in the alpine sun alday make for a baked noggin.

again great choice.
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The Flying Lure works remarkably well in late autumn.
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bah! never caught a thing w/ a flying lure. waste of time and money. there's a rap for every fish.
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Helmets - The back should sit lower than the crown of your head, the front should come between the hair line and eyebrows.

Parachute Adams and Stoneflies are great.
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i like to drop a big ol worm in the still water by the bridge
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