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Tecnica XT 17 vs. Diablo Race Pro 130

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Boot Make: Tecnica
Boot Model: Diablo Race Pro 130
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomed, skier packed
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: Advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 29
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 120
Previous Boots: Tecnica XT 17, DPXR, TNT XR
Your Height/Weight: 6' 170#

I'm currently in the XT 17 (fits my narrow foot right out of the box) and recently had a chance to ski the Race Pro for a day.

Compared to the 17, the Pro is/has:

Higher volume
Thicker liner
Softer flex
More comfortable
Warmer & Dryer
More forward lean
Less ramp
Two piece cuff (not monoblock)
Adjustable flex

On first impression, short radius turns were easier in this boot, speed control in bumps was improved, I seemed to be in a strong position over the skis and utilizing ski design more efficiently. Med / Long radius carved turns, no noticeable difference.

Whether this is due to the different ramp/lean equation or softer flex making it easier to get in the front of the boot I'm not sure.

As the day went on, it became clear that the greater forward lean was causing earlier quad fatigue. At first it was easier to ski in this boot, but became more difficult as the muscles tired out. My companions watched my stance in this boot and noted I had compensated for the forward lean by moving the butt back.

I also noted more forefoot, instep, and heel volume. In the XT, I can barely buckle the toe and instep buckle. In the Pro, I could buckle to the third position. The Pro is softer flexing than my XT's (which I have softened)

I prefer the XT over the Pro, first because of the fatigue problem and second because the XT is lower volume. Racers I have talked to are very impressed with the Pro.

I also tried on a Dobermann Pro (didn't ski it). Given the Tecnica / Nordica connection, I suspect that the Diablo Pro and Dobermann Pro (not WC) have very similar if not the same foot molds.
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Nice review. I have been curious about how these two boots compared. I currently own the Icon Alum and the XT17 but have had my eye on the Diablo pro.
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Interesting. What size was the Diablo Pro compared to your XT17?
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On inspecting the Diablo Pro at the Munich Show a week ago (havenĀ“t tried them on) I was surprised at how relatively thick the liner is, at least more than I had expected in a (semi)plug.
If I remember right, not all buckles were screwed on which also was an unpleasant surprise.
Otherwise the boot looks good and like delivering enough performance.
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The Pro was the same size as my XT's, 28.0

If I remember right, the shell length was the same as the XT, 321mm +/- 1 mm.
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That may be why it seemed to be larger volume. Most of the feedback I have seen suggests that people are moving down a size with the Diablo. Can't comment personally as I haven't tried them yet
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All of the people/racers that I have talked to that skied in the XT and moved in to the Diablo Race Pro droped a shell size, because of the new toe box/heel fit.
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