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Advice for Snowboarders from TV

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Just sitting here watching "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" on TV. For some reason, a couple of the cast decided to take another member snowboarding in the middle of the program. They named Copper Mountain as the place they were, and Ty Pennington's advice to the cast member "learning" was "Just point the board downhill and go really fast".:

Thanks ABC for creating a potential disaster
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Thanks DrFRAU for being completely uptight.
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Originally Posted by zion zig zag
Thanks DrFRAU for being completely uptight.
Thanks zion zig zag for being completely clueless.
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Originally Posted by pheft
Thanks zion zig zag for being completely clueless.
Do you need a laxitive also?
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Zion ZZ,

Apparently you missed the implication of my post. This was a well known and "cool" (goatee and spiky hair surfer dude type) TV personality who told someone that had never been on a snowboard before to do something incredibly dangerous to himself and others. "You don't need to know how to do it - just point the board straight downhill and go REALLY fast, dude!" They did not consult a certifed instructor or do anything else that would have been considered responsible.

Kids watch this stuff. I personally don't want to be on the slope downill of some kid who watched (or whose parents watched) this show, who now think that the way to learn to snowboard is to go buy a board, ride the lift to the top of Copper Mountain and head straight downhill without benefit of any instruction or having acquired any steering/braking skills. It's a disaster waiting to happen for some poor hapless soul (or several of them).

Would you be happy about a TV program that told your 8 year old that it was oK to go take the keys, start Daddy's car and drive it down the block? It's pretty much the same thing and equally dangerous. Maybe this makes me "uptight" in your book, and if that is the case, then I am proud to be so.

P.S. The word is Laxative - if you are going to use it please learn to spell it.
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Oooooohhh, gotcha!
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I agree... quit being so uptight. Did you really think they were going to have a certified instructor on the show for a 2 second segment?

And if you think today's young generation of snowboarders looks at Ty Pennington as a cool TV personality, then you're completely out of touch.
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I did not see the show but it sounds like the remark was a "throwaway" line from a guy trying to sound cool. This is a show about rebuilding peoples homes/lives I don't think his "instructions" should be taken too literally. I doubt a "neverever" snowboarder is going to be able to get to the top of any mountain and straight line down. My experience is that the first time snowboarders spend most of their time on the ground and very little of it upright. It is not until they have acquired a little bit of skill and practice before they can move fast, long and upright enough to do any real damage. To use the 8 year old driving the car analogy. I doubt the kid would be able to get the car out of the garage on his first few tries leaving your neighbors on the block out of harms way. Your garage and car might not fare too well but you were the one who left the car unlocked with the keys in it.

The host threw out a stupid and flip remark that I do not think is going to change anything on the slopes. No harm No foul
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Well, this string started out with an insult, and I followed with an insult. For that, I apologize.

The point is that some of us have seen the results of just such advice being given to people on snowboards and on skis. It is not pretty and can be very dangerous to others on the hill. I think some people sell short the power of the electronic media to influence the behavior of people, particulary youg ones. After hauling more than one person off of the slopes who was the victim of someone who was doing what their friend dared them to do I have developed a sensitivity to stupid advice.
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As for the 8 y/o driving a car...

Last week here around the Hartford CT area a 4 y/o did just that. His mom had put him down for a nap. Mom took a nap. 4y/o decides he's hungry for candy. Mom is sleeping and she has let him drive the car from her lap in the past, (I guess she would do that again). I belive he made it to the store and almost back to the home before he began running into other cars.

People on TV need to becareful what they say.
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Max---Somebody has it wrong---The 4 y/o story made the local news here in the Southland.

It was reported here that the child went to the video store and one of the 3 cars he hit on the way home was a POLICE CAR.

Sorry MikeC13----Either you stand corrected on the car thing or those folks in Hartford don't have a garage.
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I am going to go with they don't have a garage...HOWEVER this four year old prodigy has had LESSONS and prior driving experience unlike the "neverever" 8 year old in my example
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Are you sure you were not watching Jackass?
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Thanks, for setting me straight Uncle Louie. I knew I heard it, just couldn't remember where. There are some real winners around here.
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