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Mammoth or Squaw for a weekend

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Here's the decision/high class problem.
  • I live close to Squaw 40" and about 2 hours from Mammoth. I'd like to stay overnight at one of these places with my girlfriend who live in FL (yes, long distance relationship)
  • She is a novice skier (hitting bunny slopes) while I go and ski everything and spend most of my day off piste on double blacks.
  • I love Squaw and want to further explore the nooks and crannies of Solitude and Granite Chief; never been to Mammoth.
Which of these would you think is less/more crowded on the weekends? (probably Feb 26 after President's weekend)
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Why not bite the bullet for 2 DAYS and take her to a smaller, less crowded place that has extensive beginner terrain. June Mtn (near Mammoth) would be perfect, and I'm sure several of the other Tahoe areas would be great too. And it might even help your technique to spend 2 days on easier stuff.
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I think for the novice skier Kirkwood will be hard to beat.
Their learning area is seperated from the other areas and has a very good progression from the easiest greens to easy blue. Kirkwood is also well known for it's advanced/expert terrain, so would be more than enough to satisfy your needs.

As a bonus, it's among the least crowded resort in the area due it being somewhat remote. The downside is you need to either stay at the resort (expensive) or drive 40 minutes from South Lake Tahoe if you are staying overnight.
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I'm at south Reno near Tahoe so the drive to Kirkwood is only 90 minutes; Mammoth is about two hours. Just for a nice night at a hotel and getaway.

Something that allows me to ski my brains out all day and compensates her.
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