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The old Sunrise chair at Killington..

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Wha' happened to it? When did they close it and why? There is a snowmobile rental place there. Any clue?
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they quit running it all the way to the valley floor a few years ago, believe after the 2000 season. too few skiers used it and too much trouble to blow snow on it. I enjoyed using it as an uncrowded way to access the bear mtn side of the ski area, but skyeship is good for that too.
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There was some good terrain of the midstation of the sunrise chair. On a powder day fresh tracks abounded down there. But nobody used it, ever...

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And it was long, slow, and went DOWNHILL for part of its run.
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Originally Posted by evansilver
And it was long, slow, and went DOWNHILL for part of its run.

The slidebrook chair at Sugarbush has some downhill sections, its a blast. It is surprsing for Killington to close trails and a lift . I thought it mught because its outside of the town of Killington, I didn't know if that had anything to do with the deal.
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Last season, I asked a local who worked at Killington. He said they did a land swap on the lease giving up the acreage of the lower part of the Sunrise area in exchange for the acreage needed for the Pico connect (that's been talked about for what, the last 30 years maybe?). Who knows. Might be true, might be a rumor.

I skied the Sunrise chair once about 20 years ago. Pretty much flat and worthless except from the base to the mid station. Definitely not worth the time it takes to ride back. I always thought they put it in so they could have more lift-accessed condos to sell.

Oh, I also heard that the reason the current Ram's Head lift doesn't go to the summit of Ram's Head is that that's where a lift up from Pico was supposed to connect. Again, who knows.
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I thought they agreed to close it/shorten it in exchange for something else from the state or forest service. I don't remember if it was related to the snowmaking connection to woodward reservoir, the proposed Pico interconnect or their proposed base village.
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Ya they ruined a great trail making the rams head lift shorter. The trail Vagabond lost a section....

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I stayed a few days at the affordable Cedarbrook motel on RT 100 at the base of the Sunrise section of Killington in '99. The snow was good that year and we had a great time in late Feb, just had to walk 100 yrds across street to catch the seldom used Sunrise chairlift. Every morning we'd ride up the chair, ski near Killington Peak and Bear Mtn for a few hours and take the long 5 mile run back to motel, eat lunch, warm-up, and do it all over again in afternoon. A couple times around the motel grounds I was approached by sales people who said the motel was converting to a timeshare over the summer of '99 and asked if we wanted to buy the room we were staying in, or one like it? It was ok for a visit but I wasn't interested in owning.
The very next ski season Killington discontinued operating the last mile of the Sunrise trails & lifts going down to Rt 100 because they were so lightly used and required so much maintenance. The nearest lift to the motel/timeshare became the Skyeship gondola base a couple miles up the road. Never did the sales people speak of this possible development. Somewhere there are a few owners of "slopeside" timeshare units with a permanent inoperable lift problem.
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That chair was brutal. It took something like 18 minutes, and that was when it was running full-out, which it never did. Also, it unloaded at a spot where you needed to take a quick run down to Bear and then you were on another lift again right away!

And, it only served the most basic of green trails (mostly ski-backs)...

You could burn alot of time using that lift, but I must say, it was an experience.

Like the old Killington double (replaced by the K-1 Gondola) was an experience...

And hey... They still run the South Ridge Chair... I love it when that chair is running. and hitting a CORNER in the lift is wild... Although, at the end of the day it really torques my kness...

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I always got a kick out of taking new people on the south ridge chair. Always takes them a while to figure out whats going on even though the chairs are not coming back down on the same side. One word for the old killington double, COLD...

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