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Baker Report

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For those in the PNW who are snow starved here is a report on my day today, Sunday, Feb. 13 at Mt. Baker.

First off: Bring your rock skis. If you don't have any, rent. The snow that is there is wonderful. We had about 6" of new this morning and I was lucky enough to get first tracks from the top to the bottom. Great skiing all over the mountain as long as you don't have to worry about rocks, which you will find in abundnace in skied off areas.

Second: I skied everywhere but chair 8. Best bets are Austin, Pan Face, North Face, The Canyon, and Chair 5 on the main runs. Pretty dicey on Gabl's but some people were doing it. Canuk's and Sticky Wicket were both skiable but ostensibly closed. Many of us were ducking the ropes (no danger, just some rocks, bushes and small trees and a fair amount of snow). Honkers? Forget it!

Third: I think the gapers have given up. There were not that many people there considering that it is the only ski area open in Western Washington. It looked like a normal Sunday. There was enough room in the lower parking lot to land a med-evac helicopter (back injury I think). The big difference was the quality of skiers and boarders. Baker usually has more than its share of experts, but today was different. All the fanatics seemed to be there without the other folks. I saw some fantastic displays of technical skill.:

If you can get up there in the next couple of days it should be great. Again, take your rock skis!
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Thanks for the update. Of course all the pics on their site make it look like there are no covereage problems but with a "reported" base of 38", I knew that a lot of the high traffic areas would be suspect. I'm leaving for 3 days at Alta in the morning. Went there two weeks ago and just had to go back. Then it'll be Breckenridge with the whole family the following week. Then I think I might have to go back to Utah the first week of March. They really got it going.
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I was there on Saturday and Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed both days, though hands down, Sunday was the best day of all.

I did most of my riding on Chair 8 yesterday (they didn't groom it at all and just left the snow there for you to play in). At times I was riding through powder shin deep. I didn't hit the Canyon until later in the afternoon. I figured everyone would be heading there since Baker was recommending people go to Austin and the Canyon when you bought your lift ticket. It was pretty tracked out by the end of the day, but I did manage to find some freshies off to the side through some trees.

I can't wait to get up to Baker again sometime soon. It was a total blast and something this Pacific NW boarder needed

Btw, Stevens is opening on Thursday it would seem. They are reporting a 44" base now after the storm this last weekend.
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