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Best spring ski jacket?

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Have a nice new Volkl ski jacket that has been great this winter. Ski in the NE and looking for a "shell" type jacket and now may be a really good time to buy (good sales). Any suggestions that fit the bill?


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I bought an Arcteryx soft shell last year. Very impressed.
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I'm sure you'd really enjoy something in a softshell material. Check out Marmot, Arcteryx, Eider and Patagucci for some of the higher quality ones.
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A few years ago hit a Heally-Hanson store late season and found stuff marked 30% off plus an additional 20% off at the register. Worked out to 44% off and got a shell parka and pants. Way good deal. Their stuff is way over priced list but it's nice when you find it that cheap.
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Check out Arc'Teryx Gamma jackets, the lighter version. I know where you can get them 30% off. PM for details. Also, Mountain Hard wear and Solomans.
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The Gamma Sv is a great way to go. I use it as a layering piece during the middle of winter and it is my jacket of choice for spring skiing. You can't beat the bombproof construction of the Gamma SV(and all arc'teryx gear.) Altrec has a good sale right now.
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When I'm wearing a jacket, 99% of the time I'm wearing my Arc'Teryx Alpha Comp - best all-round jacket I've ever owned. Breathable, light, bombproof etc... Can't recommend it highly enough!
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Maybe start by asking yourself exactly what you want it for: Spring implies rain or wet snow in the NE, so you want maximum waterproof/breathable. Do you want it to replace, or supplement the Volkl jacket (insulation or no insulation, pure shell?). Lastly, do you want to use it for other springtime activities, cycling or mountain biking (wind resistant).

One last thing, spring time also implies variable conditions through out the day, (cold and overcast in the AM, a snow shower, and then sunny and warmer in the afternoon). For this you'll want layering ability, i.e., the ability to open a zipper or vent to regulate your upper body temp.
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