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Atomic SX:9 Boots - How wide is wide?

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I'm starting my hunt for new boots and, since I have a wide foot, was intrigued by the write-ups for the Atomic SX:9. Does anyone have any experience with this boot? When they say wide body, is it wide compared to other "wide" boots such as Nordica (W10 in particular)? I haven't found any shops around here that carry the boot, so I don't want to waste over an hour's drive to find out it's way too wide. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx
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It is a WIDE boot. According to Atomic 15% Wider than their "regular" lasts. I have a wide foot - too wide for x-wave 8 wide and it accomodated my foot no problem. As one person at the shop I work at said you think it is to big, but it is the right size. Personally I liked having that extra space in the toe box - other boots have needed puching and gringing w/ more punching. If you are tired of trying to fit your wide foot into narrow boots give it a shot - if not don't bother.
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My experience with this year's Atomic boots are that they are head and shoulders above previous versions. Better buckles ("normal" instead if "T" buckles) and they don't crush the top of my instep as much. Not crazy about the white color on the GS boot, but oh well...

As for size, I'm no bootfitter, but I have a pretty wide forefoot and a regular ankle- they were the best match for my feet I've seen. Definitely worth a look for you. If you ankle runs on the wider side, take a look at Rossi as well.

I using Lange Comp 120 MFs punched out like crazy in the forefoot this season. My orthotics help bring in the forefoot slightly, but I still needed a bit of work. If I had tried the new Atomics sooner, I might have gone that way.
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I just bought the Atomic SX:9 boots from Claude Swonger of SkiNetSports.com. I haven't taken them up skiing yet but I can tell you that they're very wide. I haven't tried the Nordicas, but I tried the Tecnica Rival X9 HVL(High Volume Liner) in the same size. The Atomics were much wider.

I have a wide mid foot with a high instep and the 28.5 size Atomics fit me great. I usally skied on 29 or 30 size boots to find boot that had enough volume, especially over the instep.

I've read it's design for E/E+ widths. The fore foot is very wide. It's almost more room than I need there. The mid foot and instep are roomy. From the back of mid foot, the boot is just slighty wider than the normal Atomic boots. The buckles are pretty good. The buckles on the calf section were very adjustable, to accommidate big calves, I guess...

I really like these boots, they fit my feet great. I've always had problems with boots, but these are wide and have just enough room on the insteps to accommidate my feet. I didn't have to go up a size or two to find boots that fit, so they're controllable and snug, but without hurting.

If you're gonna go w/ these boots, I'd suggest getting a footbed. The ones that come the Atomic SX:9 are pretty flat. They're suppose to have a heating element which you can attach a seperatly sold battery pack. I had custom orthotics made, so my bootfitter took the Atomic footbed apart, they turned out to have a small heating element just on the front toe area, pretty weak.

Definitly give them a try. Finnally a boot to fit us guys w/ wide feet.
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Thanks for the feedback, sounds like it will be worth the drive to try these on.
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I have always had a toe box width problem and the sx9 has solved it. The only other boot I have found to be as wide is the Tecnica Rival, but the Atomic is more responsive. I love this boot - skied it once.
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Look at the Salomon X-Wave 10. Wide in the forefoot & less ramp angle and forwrd lean built in than the Atomic.
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