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I saw the Marker M1000 Energy Control 10 (2003 Model) bindings on a great sale on REI. ($100 normally, for $25) The website info mentioned Marker's "Biotech Upward Release System" which is supposed to be good for backward, twisting falls. That claim caught my eye in relation to avoiding "phantom foot" ACL tears.

I was a victim of such an injury a few years ago, so I'm concerned/slightly paranoid about avoiding a repeat of that "fun" surgical experience. (I bought the Lange RRS boots with this mind.) I know there's some debate about how much bindings matter anyway and I didn't know if Marker's technology claims are just rhetoric in that they're not necessarily better in this aspect than other brands. I know Marker has a good reputation overall, but I didn't know if they're truly considered "safer" in this aspect.

My current skis and bindings (the same ones I injured myself on) are Salomon XScream 7s with Salomon S710 bindings. Do you think it would be worth getting the Markers and having them changed out? By the way, how many times can bindings be changed on skis? I've never mounted them-- do they drill new holes each time or how does that work?

My wife has Salomon XFree 800s with Salomon500 bindings (I bought them from a rental shop clearing out their stock a few years back.) Maybe I should have her bindings switched out too. I'm sure the Markers are better than her rental stock bindings anyway.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and opinions.