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The advantage of the Surefoot fit is that they guarantee their work -- if they can't get to work to your satisfaction, they'll give you your money back. I had them blow my Atomic T 11's, and I'm pretty happy so far. But it is reassuring to know that if they don't work out, I'll be able to get my money back and have someone else do the work.

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Originally Posted by Powderdog
I recently purchased Surefoot which apparantly is the same thing as Conformable. The Lange Comp 120 boot that I purchased with the Surefoot liner says "Surefoot" on the side and the liners have all three Lange, Conformable and Surefoot Proudly displayed on them. I'm having problems with them. The first pair didn't fill in enough in the front of the ankle and the top of the foot right in front of the ankle where heel lift is controled and, consequently, there was too much heel lift. They redid them using a smaller size shell and the result was the same. I have to crank them down until they hurt in order to ski them. I have a skinny ankle and the foam in the front part of the foot simply prevents the boot from snugging up around the ankle. I might talk to the shop at Squaw Valley one more time but I think I'm going to have to do the fitting myself as this is going to be really difficult given the way that the boots are constructed. It's going to take some methods and materials that are beyond normal boot fitters methods.
P-Dog. This is why I didn't go to Surefoot for Conform'able/Lange combo. They don't have enough tricks in their bag, and the Surefoot store I went to didn't know anything about fore/aft alignment. I have a skinny, low volume foot and ankle. My independent fitter foamed me with a kit for a liner 2 sizes bigger than mine and I still swam in it. We worked the outside of the liner and even put padding on the tongue in key spots and they fit very nicely now. See if anyway at your Surefoot has the knowledge to do this kind of work and maybe you can get these boots working. LewBob
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Originally Posted by closh
I got some Lange 140s foam fitted last year and one thing that you might want to take into account (depending on how tough your wife is) is that foam fitting hurts! The foam injection squeezes your feet until they're in agony and then you have to leave the boots on until the foam sets.

I had a few problems with the foaming, because one of my ankle bones is in exactly the same spot as the foam tube goes and it blocked one side of the flow into the liner. I had to have one boot foamed 3 times and on the last time there was sweat dripping from my brow and it felt like a truck had parked on my foot. The foam in the boots is quite firm and they also hurt breaking them in.

Performance wise, the foam boots are very good and responsive. They aren't as comfortable as a boot with softer foam (my Salomons fitted like slippers but performance was much less) but they certainly hold my feet well. I haven't tried gel liners and so can't offer you any comparison but thought I'd add my 2c worth in anyway.


Closh (in snowless Australia)
I have foamed a few hundred boots. While they do ski great with a tight and close fit, all you have to do is warm the foam slightly before mixing the two parts. You will get a much softer fit against the foot.

We use this technique when foaming recreational skiers boots. For racers, we cool it down before mixing to get a firmer more precise fit.
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[quote=Scalce]My wife is having issues with her Salomon boots. Her heel pops and her boot has been adjusted multiple times.

Does anyone use injected foam liners?

See my message yesterday; I think it was in response to a message from Scalce.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
My wife has had a bootfitter tweak her current setup a few times but the problem is the more padding you add to the ankle to snug it up, the more you push the heal out of the pocket.

She needs to ski on them again this weekend to see if the last tweak helped but I believe she will need some kind of foam liner.
Scalce, my concern with the boots she has is the shape of the heel pocket. Is the shell's heel pocket relatively close to the shape of her heel? If not, the boot will never fit right.

Interestingly, I had a similar problem with some men's X Waves a number of years ago. I didn't know then what I know now, but the fitter recommended them. Of course, the heel pocket in the shell was huge.

I am now at the opposite end of that spectrum with the Tecnica XTs. I had no idea that there were shells that I could use that would feet my feet as closely as these boots do. You might need to consider that.
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Originally Posted by Scalce
The Eliminator tongue pads sound like a good idea for me but I don't think they will work for my wife as her calf is right up against her tongue already.
You're right; that's the problem that I'm having with the Surefoot-Lange. There's a deficiancy of foam right in the crook of the foot right in front of the ankle so the foam elsewhere just prevents the tongue from snugging up in that spot and preventing heel lift.
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Several years ago I stepped up and bought a conform'able liner and had foot beds made. They were terrific. The fit was perfect. I would buckle in the am and after about an hour adjust them again. After that I would never touch the buckles that day, even left them closed at lunch. Much better than the Lange's I would throw at the end of the day. The only complaint is after 60 days they started to get loose and after 100 days were done, do a lot of expense for the time used. My next/current boots are a pair of Rossignal that fit my foot great out of the box with very little adjustment needed. Sorry to say they will need to be replaced soon.
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Zipfits run about $249 AND the boot fitter who does them should back them and make as many adjustments as needed as part of the cost. Mine took 2 or 3 before they were totally comfortable but there is a nice performance upside.
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After skiing Saturday and asking my wife more questions about her boot I realized that she may just need some padding around the top of her ankle. I don't think she explained what was going on properly to the boot fitter.

Her left boot fits perfect so I don't think she needs new boots.

I picked up some Eliminator Tongues and I couldn't even get my foot in the boot with it in. I would assume that only people with very narrow calves or a shell size that is way too big for them can use these things.
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