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Bought New Skiis! Volkl V3 Carver Motion :)

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Hey guys, well it's great tp be back here postings on my fav ski forum. So I just purchased a pair of last years' Volkl V3 Carver Motion skis with Motion 10 integardted Marker binding system.

I was in the market for an INtermediate to advanced ski, somrthing that could take me to the next level. My choices predominantly were between the Volkl V3 Carver and Atomic C9:18. Considering both skis are fairly similar, but not in value, I decided to opt for the Volkl based on the great reviews I have read. I unfortunatly have not had a chnace to demo this ski, but know without a doubt that I will enjoy it.

Now, can anyone provide review of this ski? I am looking for all the advantages and disadvanges, tips and tricks to mastering this skiis ability. I know the best will be first hand experience. However, until that time and comments would be greatl;y appreciated.

Thanks! :
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Don't wipe out bad in the bumps or the ski will bend because of the metal they used in their skis last year.

I had two pairs of 4 stars bend on me and my wife had her Carver Motion 20/20s bend twice. Volkl replaces them but that was too many times. Maybe it was a bad batch.

Now we use Atomics instead.

The Volkls are nice skis though and they hold an edge. In rough conditions the Carvers get tossed around alot because of the soft ski and small waist.

If you stay on groomed they will carve real nice.

Have fun with them.
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Also post specifics about yourself and that will make it easier to guess how the ski will perform for you.
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Hey thanks for the info! Wow, I never heard anything about a possible bend in the ski. I certainly do liketo ski aggressive but not entirely to the extent of thrashing them around.

I am an intermediate to advanced skier, looking to get to that next level. I am 5'10, weigh 175lbs and purchased a 170 size of ski.

From what I understand from first-hand resources as well as online research, the Volkl wood core is stronger and prone to last longer that other acrylic core skiis.
Any additional info would be appreciated. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The reason that last year's VOlkl skis get bent easy is because some of them have very little wood and a few metal layers.

Most skis have some kind of metal in them but the Volkl's can get bent in a bump or fall and it will not rebound but stay bent. I beleive the new 6 Stars have less metal in them and I wonder why they decided that.

I am not sure if price was an issue but the Carver Motions might have also been a good choice for you considering your height and weight.

The V3s are nice skis but they will get tossed around in crud and you are not a light skier so you may feel like they are alittle unstable when you are cruising on uneven trails.
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I am still uncertain as to why the skiis are prone to bending. Could very cold temperatures be a determining factor?

I ski quite aggressively and luv to ski on the cuordoroy, and on the crud, bumps, glades, etc. I hope that this ski will provide a good fountain to excel in these areas.

In what sense does the V3 does perform in crud? How does it perform in comparison to the Atomic c9:18.

I also had my eye on the Volkl Vertigo Motion at the time. Did I make a wrong choice? Should I swtich?

Thanks for your expert advice! :

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If you ask someone they will say any ski with metal in it can bend but having 4 pairs bend in 2 months is alot as far as I'm concerned.

The reason I say it will get tossed in crud is even my Volkl 4 Stars were not great in crud and my wife's Carver Motion 20/20s also got tossed.

I'm 5'7" 170 (last year I was more like 180+) so I am pretty similar in weight to you.

I love a nice carving ski that can bend easy but it makes it very iffy in mixed conditions.

I am by no means an expert but because of my experience with Volkls, demoing, being similar in size to you, and my ski tuner (only for base repair and ceramic edging) used to work for Volkl in NH and told me alot about their construction and propaganda techniques when marketing skis.

Just because they have wood doesn't mean anything as far as the stability or strength of the ski.

If you bought them because of their price that is understandable but I would lean towards the 9.18 just from my own experiences.

It's really hard for you to make a choice without trying them.

I now ski on Atomic 03/04 R11s which at first I thought would be way too much ski for me but after demoing them for two days I loved them.

Good luck with whatever ski you go with.
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I feel it's all a matter of one's style of skiing. I have never heard of this before but I do respect your advice! I am going to ski with it and hope that it treats me well. Th elast thing I want is to feel limited or have to worry about taking certain risks while on the slopes. I am an around intermediate to advanced skier who enjoys skiing virtually everywhere.

Will this ski limit me? My retailer basically fitted me for this ski and guaranteed my enjoyment. :
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You have never heard of what before?

Good luck with the Volkls this winter.
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I have never really hard about the bending problems. Anywho, I was originally in the market between this VolklV3 and the Atomic c9:18. How do they compare in the Inermediate to advnaced range of skier?
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Originally posted by Lange_guy:
I feel it's all a matter of one's style of skiing.
I think you're probably right about this. I've been skiing the same pair of P40 SLs (a ski with beaucoup metal) for years with no probs. Lately, it is my bump ski. No problems there. Many of the people I ski with have 5-stars and I've never seena bent pair. I think you'll do fine with them. No need to worry about bending 'em.
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I am was just warning you that some of the "new" volkl skis from last year had issues.

Nobody has to take my opinion to heart but 4 pairs of skis bending is ridiculous and I had spoken to Volkl reps and engineers who said that there was a number of returned skis last year for being bent.

A sales rep will tell you what he wants and his decision is based on his idea of what you need and his or her knowledge of the construction of the ski.

For example the Carver Motion 20/20 is exactly the same ski as the Carver Motion but the binding is lighter. I have had multiple Volkl reps tell me that. Volkl promotes the 20/20 line as lighter and softer which is true for some models but not others.

I'll remember to keep my comments to myself next time someone asks for advice.
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Don't be silly Scalace. Your opinions and advice have been greatly appreciated [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

[ September 26, 2003, 10:09 PM: Message edited by: Lange_guy ]
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Lange ~ Tried to message you, but ol' Epic having issues..Here's my response:

Well, I put about 30 days on them last year & I have to say ~ They're probably one of the best built, most responsive skis I've owned in almost 32 years of skiing.

Bought the 177's & had them mounted with Solomon 900s binders...What a package! I've had them on Spring slop in Killington, a foot and 1/2 of powder in Maryland, and EVERY condition imaginable in Tahoe. I was absolutely AMAZED at how they handled Siberia Bowl at Squaw Valley ~ Had 50mph winds, and what SHOULD have been frozen granular was basically windblown scree. AT NO point did I feel an edge so much as SLIP, let alone skid. One you put them on edge, they'll hang on until you roll 'em back over.

I've even taken them in some killer terrain parks. I'm not a jibber, mind you, but I do love my big air. And they handle ramps, hard landings, and 20'-30' drop with no problem.

They even took 3 gold & 1 silver in 4 runs of Nastar.

My ONLY complaint isn't so much a complaint as it is an observation: At the shovel of the ski where the edges begin ~ I've noticed that there's a SLIGHT bulge where the edges begin under the base of the ski. Since (as I mentioned above) I'm pretty hard on my skis, I doubt most people would either HAVE or notice that to BE an issue. I do plan on taking them to my shop ~ I've talked with the guys and they're going to take a look at them and see whether they MIGHT be covered under a warranty. Frankly, I'm just seeing if they're going to put me on a NEW pair. And if they don't? I have every intention of putting another full season on these.

Have I said enough about them yet? I paid $279 US for mine and I've paid FOUR times more for a setup that I didn't like HALF as much. A great ski for the money.

Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

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