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WTB: rossi wide brakes

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Looking for a pair of rossi wide brakes to fit over my beasts, either from one of you guys or direction to a shop online who has them.
thanks a lot
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The Axial wide brakes are getting hard to find, REI used to have them but sold out about a month ago.

Evogear has the 2004 look wide brake for $ 25:


The looks and rossis are basically the same binding so as long as the year is the same the brakes should fit, there are a couple of pins in the front of the heal where you slide the brakes in and out.

Christy's website says they have rossi wide brakes, but they want $ 50 a pair:


Sportsliquidator has the look FR 12's with the wide brake for $ 189:


I don't know if they would sell brakes only, but you could give them a call.

If you get desperate you can also get a vise and bend what you have now, there are a few posts on this otherwhere on this site.
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taken care of, thanks
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