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Originally Posted by VASKI244
I called the place at Snowbasin - nothing like the Manta, Explosiv or Gotama but they do have Karma's, 724 Pros. They also carry the K2 Apache Chief - definitely a fatty and the Rossi B2's and B3's. Not that I'll regquire anything fat for this weekend but I may check out a 724 Pro or maybe an Apache Recon. Who knows? Whatever it's like will beat the hell out of mid-atlantic crap! If anyone knows where you can demo a Mantra in the SLC area, please let me know!
Have you tried anything in Dynastar's Legend line? If not, I'd recommend you give them a try while your out there. I own the 8000 and think it's a fantastic all around ski. I also just picked up the 8800 which I hope will get it's debut when we visit CO next month.
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How 'bout the new kid on the block......:

Just bought a pair of K2 Apache Chiefs in 174cm, incredible ski and I've been a Volkl man for years, regular ride is a 724 Pro. But ride the Chief before buying and don't let the specs freak you they ride well everywhere......Demo'ed them in Utah and just ran them in our latest dump here at da Bowl in about a foot of 14% moisture content snow, and they float and blew right through it.....excellent ski!!!!!
Try the Lift House at the junction of Little and Big Cotton Wood Canyons to the right as your heading up Little Cottonwood. They have a great selection of performance demos at good prices.
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What's your height and weight?
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UPDATE - 2/27

I just got back from another two days in Mammoth, on the Gotama's and Explosiv's. The Snow was much heavier this time (for the most part), but was on average deeper (a good 1' to 1 1/2' deep where you could break through). I skied the Gotama's for about 2-3 hours on the first day and then put them away. The tip was just too soft for powering through the heavy Sierra cement and ripped up crud that was to be found on the steeper bowls and pitches.

The Explosiv on the other hand dealt with the conditions just fine. I was reminded just how "tank-like" these skis are...they roll through just about anything. These are one of the few skis I have tried that will let you straight-line crud with absolute confidence.

So, I have to change my original statement about the Got being the best choice for the West Coast. For the Rockies, I would still say it gets the nod. However, after some good 'ole Sierra skiing, The Exploder is the King for CA Big Mountain Skiing. I stand self corrected.
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Right on!
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Magnoe...sorry about the delay, I'm 6'1" and 200 pounds.
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