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TR: Mt. Snow 2/12

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Don't flog me, I know it was a mistake. I'm just here to report the results.

Disclaimer- I was with 2 JONG's, and I had 2 for 1 lift tix that I had to use.
That, and we were just there for 1 day, so we didn't venture too far north.

That said, it sucked. Grass and dirt everywhere, any fresh that fell immediately blew away. Tree skiing was crap, not enough snow, and what was there was heavy junk. Moguls were largely solid boulders.

And the lines, YOW!

Like I said, I know it was dumb, but every now and then I need to touch the flame to see if it still burns. Got me 3rd degree this time.
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No flogging here.

Their web site says 14" since Thursday. Grass and dirt EVERYWHERE? For real?
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Honestly, not much dirt. But plenty of grass, rocks, and blue ice.

No sign of 14" of snow.
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I was there last monday, dirt and grass on the lower mountain for sure... The North Face was in decent condition if you sticked to open trails. Tree skiing was a big no no. Not much ice when I was there at least nothing compared to Attitash two weeks ago.
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