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ESA 06 Ability Groups

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I've just downloaded the PSIA ability levels off the Instruction forum.

Having only started skiing in Jan 04 my tuition/practice/experience so far has been limited somewhat by the snow/terrian conditions that have been available. This means that my PSIA classification alters depending on the skiing type, ie level 6 for off-piste/powder/bumps, level 7 for short radius turns/gradients skied & just about level 8 for carving.

I'm planning the 06 ESA & would like to know how the ability groups are decided & how is this mixture of ability allowed for?
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For ESA-05 there was a skier survery included as part of the registration process. It was probably about two-dozen questions long and asked about turn shape, size, speed you ski at, conditions you ski in, etc. The coaches then used that information to create the various groups.

You were always free to switch groups if you feel the one you're in isn't a good fit, but I'm not aware of anyone who actually did so I think the survey system worked out really well.
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Kevin, there was one switch - Kes, but I think that may have been to do with how well she improved in the first couple of days.
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Well if you're saying "she", then there was more than 1 switch, because a "he" switched out of my group.
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This is true. Nando moved up to Ursula's group.

I was happy with how well the survey worked--we were able to gain an hour or two on the snow by dispensing with the usual ski off method of doing group splits.
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I did notice that the coaches used the first couple of runs to "check in" and make sure that the splits had been done appropriately, but the survey clearly worked very well (yea, Nolo!). No need to be concerned that you'll end up in the "wrong" group, anyway.
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Thanks for the feedback.
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