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Karh Jaks?

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I'm looking into getting a pair of Karhu Jaks to replace my broken pow skis. If any one out there has ridden a pair, could you let me know your thoughts? I'll be mounting them with Freerides and ski about 70% backcountry and 30% at my resort.

Thanks for the help
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I ski the Karhu Jak BCs mounted with Freerides as my BC-dedicated ski. They are absolutely incredible in anything soft (really thrives in pow and corn), but really struggles holding an edge on anything resembling new england hardpack, but it will get you down (with a LOT of chatter). Breakable crust is fine - the width of the ski keeps it on top.

The Jak is a bit stiffer and heavier (6 oz per ski) than the Jak BC, and is a little tougher for extended touring. I've heard it handles much better on groomers than the BC. Depending on the size ski you decide on, you get 120-90-110 (170) or 127-97-117 (180 and 190) dimensions. I'm 5'8 and love the 170 - its width makes up for its shortness. Get the 2003-2005 version, you don't want the leftover 2002s - way too noodly. Karhu stiffened them up in 2003.

If you are really doing 70% BC (and your 30% inbounds is in the west), I'd recommend the Jak BC instead of the Jak. You will notice the weight savings on tours over an hour, and the flex is just so sweet in pow. You can pick up the Jak pretty cheap on EBay - I've yet to see the BC on sale this year. I got mine end of season last year from thebackcountry in tahoe at a great price. You might be able to score the 2004 Jak BCs (black/green) at a discount. Hope this helps.
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