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Seven Springs Feb. 13

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Hey gang,

PowDigger and his crew will be skiing Seven Springs, Pa tomorrow. We will be there early for first chair as it will proabably get soft and loose my 2:00 pm.

see ya there!!

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I was planning on going to 7S today right up until 6Am when the alarm went off. Woke up achy and run-down - suspect some evil viral invader is lurking - therefore decided that discretion was the better part of valor.

Maybe next Sunday instead for me.
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You missed a pretty good day. Snow was good and crowds were not too big. Made a couple of bump runs with Taylormatt and tip a brew on the deck with some nice folks. All in all a good day.

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It was nice meeting you and the family, Ed. I hope to see you up here again with better coverage and more time to really show you around the good stuff. Good luck with the exam this weekend!
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Thanks Matt,

We had a good time and enjoyed ther terrain more than HV. Will be up again, I am hopeful you will here from my sister on those lessons. I crashed and burned in a practice test with our local Level III examinier. I was asked to teach short radius turns and had a disjointed lesson plan that went nowhere. Yikes can't much worse so I am actually relaxed for the exam. What to they say all dress rehearsals go bad.

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