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My lessons today.... how was your day?

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10:30 - 12:00
6 kids age 4-6, first lesson of 4, first time on skiis, one assistant teacher present. I was sweatting like hell during this lesson. One kid did not manage to learn the wedge turn. 5 did.

12:00 - 13:00
4 kids age 4-8, high tempo wedging, teaching in english. Great lesson and fun. 2 of the kidds were from England. I had a lot of fun. Easy lesson due to good communication and high spirit.

13:00 - 14:00
Eric 4y, third time with me, wedging on easy slopes. Managed to squeze in a 10min brake and drink a hot co-co.

14:00 - 15:00
Anna 7y, first time on skiis, learned to wedge down a easy slope, very nice wedge turns. Great lesson. Talented girl.

15:00 - 16:00
Alexander 6y, I was getting tired since I didnt have any breakfast in the morning or a proper brake sofar. Kid was not responding to instructions but wedged down an easy slope with minor difficulties. Time was creaping by. I hoped for no more lesson....

16:00 - 17:00
Office calls me because they have one more lesson for me.....
Brother 6y and sister 4y first time ever on skiis. Girl learned to wedge on first attempt and at the end of the lesson she was going up the lift her selfe and skiing down with a wedge. Brother only managed to turn left. Still ok after only one lesson. Nice end to the day...

But my feet was aching and my body was hurting..... now its off to sauna and then to bead. Tomorrow Im only teaching 2h in the morning. Gotta look after my own kidds after 12:30. They would like to go skiing but Im shure some of you will understand why I rather play with them in the yard.
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Well you sure have a strong bladder, but then again it looks like you didn't have time to even have much to drink during the day. Tough day for you hour after hour , I can feel your pain in the feet though, good job!
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8:30 Several staff requests to do video. I say check me at 9:00 line up or after 2 when it's not busy. I get to 9:00 group lesson line up. Supervisor asks if I want to work privates. He's already written my name on the sheet. There's only 9am-noon booked - no big deal.

9-10 Snowboard L2 private - 6 year old
Met one of my previous clients in the hallway - his friend was trying to request me for a private but was told I was not available. Yikes - I can fix that - back to the private desk. Set him up for 1. Maybe I'll get lunch at 12.
10-12 Snowboard L2 private - 9 year old $10 tip
Oops - someone has written me in for a 2 hour private at 12. Nobody is around to fix the problem. OK - I tell the guy let me do one hour now and I'll give you 1.5 hours after 2. He buys it. Off I go...
12-1 Snowboard L2 private - part 1 - 6 YO
1-2 Snowboard L2 REQUEST (yeah) private - 40 YO
2-3:30 Snowboard L2 private - part 2 ($40 tip! - bless you sir)
[Hello - Why is it that nobody can make a toe side turn today?]
Stop by 3:30 line up. Need any help? They're begging for ski pros. ok - time to cross dress.
3:30-3:40 Got to pee while I changed boots (insert joke here)
3:40-5:30 Ski L4 - 10 people (added 2 in the middle of the lesson, gave them another 1/2 hour extra at the end)
5:30 - 6 Change clothes. Several more requests for video and several apologies for no video today. Turn in paperwork.
6-6:30 Impromptu tuning clinic for a fellow pro (ski visions ski sharp and Zardoz not wax - aka ski tuning for dummies)
6:30-6:45 Stow gear, buy new snowboard leash to replace a dead one, stop by admin for fresh box of brochures to take to ski shops I rep the mountain for.
7:00 dashboard dining (lunch) at McDs

9:30 Time to wax the snowboard

O crap - forgot to refill the Camelback for tomorrow
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Originally Posted by therusty
O crap - forgot to refill the Camelback for tomorrow
You there tomorrow? I may be since my normal RoundTop crowd is blowing me off for the day.
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Originally Posted by therusty
3:30-3:40 Got to pee while I changed boots (insert joke here)
Hey Rusty, If ya didn't pee in your boots ya wouldn't have ta change em.
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Snowbowler, thanks for the symphaty. And I actually managed to snap a small container of kidds juise from an outside bar counter and stuck it in my pocket. Once up on the hill I took the kid to an easy part of the pist and told him to ski in front of me. He was thrilled and I got to drink my juise

Therusty, nice post Im not working in a big resort full time at the moment so its really cool to read about your working day. You had one hell of a day as well. And since you do snowboarding as well it doubles the hassel.

Today I just had the group of 6 kidds in the morning and then I whent home baby sitting my own kidds.
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I don't work at a big resort either. But we do get busy. Today I did a clinic at 9, four 5-7 YO first time boarders at 10 and 12 couch potato first time boarders at 12. I did get lunch at 1:30 and tried to video tape a couple of 2:00 lessons in progress (idea from another thread).
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Yesterday with the level 3 kids, I saw President Jimmy Carter ski by. Made my (and the kids) day.

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therusty - yeah, sometimes big resort ski-school folks look down at us working in small resorts but our work is actually sometimes much more intense. Our hill is in a heavily populated area compared to the big resorts. We have lots of customers and my lessons are now booked a week ahead. Im teaching 3 hours every evening except on thursday when I only have time to teach 2 because Im playing tennis at half past seven On the weekend I work both days from morning untill six o clock.

Could you please point me to a www site with level explanations.

Ishull - nice. Its allways cool to se famous people on the hill. Good to hear that some x-presidents enjoy skiing and not only play golf.
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Sounds like my new life is typical of the job. I just finished a run of 13 days in a row on skis - two days were just recreation, 11 days of teaching. There was a 7 lesson day in the mix. I teach a pre-school group on Thursdays (2 instructors, 7 kids, less than half using the surface lift by themselves). I usually have small children early in the day that get me all sweated up. We teach until 8:30 at night. When the sun sets, it starts to get cold. That is also the time that the school groups show up and I start giving intermediate lessons for groups of about 10 on a hill served by a very slow moving lift. I am lucky if I get a few seconds between lessons where I can add a layer and change to dry gloves so I don't freeze. Nothing I can do for my wet feet and the really cold evenings result in freezing toes. On day 3 of this 13 in a row, I crashed playing on a slalom course and may have broken something in my shoulder. I am going to the doctor today to have it looked at. It has been a long time since I got a tip. Tips are rare at a small ski area like ours.

That probably all sounds like complaining, but I have never been happier or fitter. I much prefer spending my day hanging around 4 yr olds than the corporate bozos in my past life (I think the 4 yr olds are more mature). This is a blast. I have never worked so hard for so little and had so much fun.
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retiredat40, I feel your pain.... and you have my symphaties but I agree, its the kids that make it all worth while. We never get tips, once 50 bucks because I broke up a fight between inmature father slapping his 4 and 16 year old sons, but we get payed by the hour so the more I work the more I earn.

Your in Ohio and sun sets at 8:30? Im in Finland and sun sets at 5:30! Dont know really how that works, Im in the south of Finland, but up north in April its fantastic with sun setting at 9:00 or later. Cold feet are a problem. I bought feet warmers but sofar the winter has been very warm. There has been no need for them.
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The sun sets around five but we have lights at our little ski area. Our lessons end at 8:30 but you can ski til 10:30.

The problem for me is that normally when you ski, your feet are driest (and warmest) in the morning when it is coldest. Here, I start with dry feet, but after a couple of small children, my feet are pouring sweat like the rest of me. In the evening when I'm doing intermediate lessons that are less active, the temperature is dropping rapidly. I need a jet powered foot dryer, although warmers would probably work just fine if I could bring myself to spend that much money. Luckily, we have had a pretty mild winter, too.

Next winter I hope to be in Alaska. That should really mess with the available daylight.
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retiredat40 - I was just brought to the attention that my Beast 12's from last year take in snow at the first buckle. This snow melts and sokes the toe part of the linear and eventually starts to freez my toes. Yeah, those children make you sweat dont they! After a 2h lesson with 8 four year olds I need to change cloths. That really makes my day thou. Nice to slip into new warm clots for those afternoon lessons. BTW, are you using some kind of face mask when its really cold? I dont and it would be impossible to teach through one of those but still freezing my nose off is not nice eather.
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