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Utah, last week in March

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Any suggestions for which resort will have the best conditions at the end of March?
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Altitude and north-facing

Fox, given our weather pattern so far this season, I would suggest altitude and north-facing slopes. The storm tracks this year have been moist and warm. If March continues with that same pattern, I would go with Snowbird/Alta #1, Brighton #2, and Solitude or the upper portion of The Canyons #3. After that it's a toss-up. The upper mountain at Snowbasin could be good, but the bottom section will be sticky. Same with Park City. I've skied Deer Valley in some excellent late March conditions, but with this season, who knows. I'll be making the same decision the days prior to Easter weekend myself.
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Fox, let me know if you go; I may join you! You could consider A-Basin, too!
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More Info Please

I too am looking at skiing the last week of March. I'm trying to figure out the best snow conditions between slopes in Utah and those in Colorado. Also, price is a factor. If anyone has opinions with regard to price in late March, I'd appreciate it.
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Fox you know your going to Alta/ Snowbird so why even ask?
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Utah, yeah, you're right, but I thought it was only polite to ask...
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with the snow totals we have had, the cottonwood Canyons will be epic then.
I would split my time between Solitude and Alta, oh wait. I do!

and guy who wants to ski more.
go where ya want but so far this season the resorts here in the Cottonwood canyons ahve already recieved 1 & 1/2 times the amount of snow most CO resorts see in a full season, and we are not even in to our snowiest month yet....
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