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Men's vs. Women's

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I went to the shop today to try on the X Wave 8. It felt fine, but the bootfitter (who seemed to know what he was doing) suggested getting the women's version instead because the cuff of the men's version extended extended just a bit too far up the tibia. I decided eventually to go with it.
My question: Did I give up anything in quality/flex etc., or is it basically the same boot with a slightly lower cuff? Did I make the right move? (if it helps I'm a 5' 6'' 135 pound male)
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Hmm...no help yet but here's an update anyway: I found that the listed flex index of the women's boot is 80 and the men's boot is 90, so I called the shop and informed them of the difference. I suggested that perhaps I should go up to the women's X Wave 9 (listed flex 90), but he told me that the women's X Wave 9 was actually stiffer than the X Wave 10, and that these numbers were to some extent arbitrary and a marketing tool.
Can anyone sort this out for me? Should I be fine with the women's X Wave 8?
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Stick with this thread, avenue, and I think eventually you'll get some feedback. I do know that boot flex can be adjusted to some degree - easier to soften than to stiffen, but both are do-able. This business of boot fitting is so individualistic. Here's my own story, and it resulted in a serious squabble between the person who advocated it and another bootfitter in the same shop: I am the epitome of mediocre in skiing, but I love the sport. To add to it, I am 60 years old, stand 5'8" and weigh from 140 to 145 pounds, depending on how much I've been eating and how much tennis I've been playing. I like a boot to fit VERY SNUG, and that's hard to find in a boot that I can flex. The solution? The Rossignol Race 1 - JUNIOR MODEL! That's right, it has a race boot fit, but I can flex it - a kid's race boot! Apparently, I'm not the only adult who has taken this route, and even the guy I spoke with at Rossignol thought it was a good idea for me. The fellow who was upset about this solution thought, as you are wondering, that I'd be missing something. It turns out to be the best fit, and best ski boot, I've used in the last ten years. Actually, this boot, like the other Rossi boots, has a gizmo which can stiffen the boot. There is a v-shaped cut up the back spine of the boot. To stiffen, you twist the gizmo so that it acts as a brace against the insides of the v, keeping it apart. To soften, you turn the gizmo vertically, so it has no impact on the v, and the boot is allowed to flex more easily. I tried both settings, and the softer one is the one I use. It's plenty stiff enough. I ski hardpack on the Rossignol T-Power shorty slalom at 160 cm and softer and deeper stuff on the K2 Mod 7/8 [now called the Axis] in 174, and I skied all of last year only in Vermont, where I live. I hope this adds at least some information you might use. The long and short of this shpiel is: Boot models are only names, and you can find a boot which can be reworked to fit your needs. Stiffness an be increased or decreased. In many boots, cuff height can not. Let us know how you make out.

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Thanks a lot for the thoughtful reply, oboe. I think you're exactly right- I was basically overanalyzing the whole thing. The boots fit nicely, feel stiff enough for my needs and weight, and that's basically all that matters. Thanks!
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I'm about the same height/weight as you: 5'6" 140lbs. I currently have the Xwave 9.0 Lady's boot. I was originally looking to a Xwave 10 but the boot fitter said that would be too stiff for me to flex. They were all out of men's Xwave 9's in my size, but had one Xwave 9 Lady's that fit perfectly. I found the 9's to be a fantastic boot. Just enough flex but still firm enough for some agressive skiing. Most of the men's boots are designed for a much heavier skier than you and I. So don't fret about getting a lady's boot (unless the color is pink), nobody will know except you.
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