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K2 Axis X or Bandit XX or Volkl Vertigo G3?

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I'm looking to get on my first set of "shape" skis, and need some help on deciding what pair to get. All of the above have been praised, but none really seems to shine above the rest. I live and ski in Colorado... I do tend to spend some time in the bumps, so this is a consideration for me. I also want a ski that has a lot of energy, and feels snappy and alive under my feet. I tend to the steeper stuff, and generally avoid full-out high-speed groomers unless I'm bored, or it's the end of the day and heading back to the bottom. I want a good all-around ski that performs well in a variety of conditions, without loosing too much steep/quick-swing bump capability. I'm 5'10"/160 lbs too... and really have no idea on length. Typically a 200cm laminate ski is what I'm used to.

Thanks for the advice...
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You could be happy with any of those skis. Today it's hard to go wrong with any of the Better skis. The best one for me may not be the best for you yet I feel That they all have some fine points about them. did someone say Demo? If you can Demo all them in diffrent lengths.
I have skied the K2 Modx Axis x for 2 seasons now. It is a well balanced ski.both livly and damp. it is one fine all Mountain ride. For bumps the Axis X is an excellent choice. It has a nice even flex and some forgivness. The G3 would be a better ski for taking on true steeps. However it would be my last choice for going into bumps. I haven't skied the Bandit XX yet, but those that have love that ski. Now let me put another ski into your mix. I demoed the Atomic 11:20 in a 170 and it is one fine ride. Holds well in true steeps,eats up crud holds well on ice. The short 170cm lenght makes for better bumping. and it is a blast on new groomed corduroy.
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I have last years g3, and I must say that I really like it. From what I take from your post, it may not be the best choice though, because at least for me, it doesn't do that well in the bumps. I can takle them, but it doesn't have that really quick edge to edge, at least for me. It sure does open up for some great gs turns on groomers, and while that's not my terrain of choice either, it sure is fun everyonce in awhile to really open it up.
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That 02' G3 is a fun ski....
Bandits: You might want to try the BanditX in addition to the XX....it's more at home in the fall-line...(MY $.01)
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Wow where is Oboe?? I'll let him give you the reasons for chosing the Bandit XX, but thats the ski that gets my vote. Its light weight, wide, snappy, and quick. It will be easy in the bumps because of the turned up tail design, and great in powder and crud because of the width. It is also stable enough to hold on groomed snow in fast GS arcs. It's a great ski, and is wonderfully versitile. Because of where youre located go with the wider ski, you wont be sorry.

Oboe, the floor is yours.
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Try both the 184 and the 177 in the XX. Dont let Oboe talk you into the 170cm length , youre out west so you have more room to use the ski, and you will benefit form the extra surface area.
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I'm 5' 11", 175# and ski lots of steeps. I used to ski 205s in staight skis. My preference out of the three skis you listed is the Bandit XX. If I were buying the Bandit XX as my all-mountain ski I would get it in a 184 cm length (I own them in a 191 cm length but I bought them long for skiing the bowls around here). At your weight I would recommend trying the 177 cm length first.

You will find the Bandit XX is livelier than the Axis X (I have a pair of those, also). That said, there is something to say for the predictable, behaved mannerism of the Axis X in moguls and the steeps.

I would hesitate recommending the G3. The G3's tail holds turns much better than the other two skis. In the steeps you will find you can't skid the tail as easily to control you speed. The G3 is a much better groomer and hard snow ski though. If you look at the G3 consider trying it as short as 170 if you are planning on taking them into moguls and steep areas.
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Thanks for all of the input! This message board is great...

After some soul searching and thinking about the whole issue, I ended up going with the Bandit XX in a 177 length. It's funny, because as I walked into the shop, a patroler guy was there flexing a pair of XX's standing next to his completely bent pair of Volkl G3's. I asked him the story behind the "reverse camber" and his reply was too much bump time... That answered my question on the G3...

I chatted with the shop rats about the Axis X as well, but given that I'm looking for a more lively ski, I think the Bandit is the right choice for me.

Looking forward to getting them on the hill (Vail this weekend).. I'll post my thoughts/experiences with them early next week.

Thanks again, and see ya on the hill!

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I know that you all think I have nothing else to do but post on EpicSki about how great the Rossignol Bandit XX is - but a few other things did present themselves for my sttention. Now that I'm here, albeit reporting in late:

I hereby ratify and confirm your choice, Gravitytoy. You'll love the XX for all of the reasons Helluva said. And yes, I myself do ski the 170 because I am 150 pounds or less, 5'8" and at 61 years of age I figure my growth spurt has slowed when I'm standing up. I'm a truly mediocre skier bordering on awful, and I ski mostly in the east - in Vermont.

For you, a Colorado skier who's heavier, taller, has been skiing 200 cm laminate skis, and no doubt higher up the skills chain than I'll ever be, the 177 could be a great length even if it's toolong for me. If you can possible demo lengths, please do - because too long or too short aren't the same as just right.
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heed the wise counsel of Bre'r Oboe

but don't forget what Bre'r Gonz says... the Axis X hands-down is THE BEST midfat in the bumps.

haven't skied the Bandit XX since 1999, and it's been through a few changes since then. It's supposed to be livelier AND more forgiving AND better performance at speed now. What a combination!

The Axis X would be a great 2d pair for you, for those "gonna bash the bumps" days, if you are a quiver-owning kind of skier.
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Good point Gonzo, and thanks to Oboe for the warm fuzzy on my decision.

I was planning to sniff out a deal on the Axis X come this spring, and the thinking is the same - To have a second pair of all mountains more suitable for the days I want to spend in the bumps. Nothing like A-Basin mashed potatoes in May to do the body some good! I was also considering going for a full-pop bump ski, but they may not be too different from my 9SM's of a few years back vintage... Either way I'll be scoping those springtime sales!

Thanks again guys...
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