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Tahoe help - quick!!

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Hi Bears!
Leaving for Tahoe in the morning and just heard a disturbing weather forecast. Seems like rain is forecast for a few days out there. Is this so, or do the ski resorts usually get snow while it rains at lake level?
Which areas are most likely to not get rain, (higher base). Staying in South Lake at Harvey's and have a car, so transportation is no problem.

Thanks all!!
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I was up at Sierra yesterday. We had light snow flurries through the day from a fairly warm system that was moving up from the south. No rain! Today is absolutely clear skis. A colder system was expected to drop south and affect the region starting Monday, but the precipitation forecase has been declining as high pressure ridge builds. Rain is NOT in the forecast.

Conditions were excellent Friday with off-piste still holding about 2-5-inches of fluff on a carveable packed surface in the trees. On piste groomers and bumps were excellent with good grippable edge and no ice. Sun exposed slopes show effect of a lack of snow recently with larger boulders now exposed. I went through the back country gates at sierra and found fresh powder runs still up to 6-inches in north and east aspects. If you have never seen Huckelberry Canyon off Sierra, you would be amazed at the terrain ranging from moderate to steep glades to cliffs, drops, chutes. If you do the BC, be sure to have a partner and respect gate status. The ski patrol offers BC tours for $25/half day to get you familiar with the terrain and use of avy equipment.

The following is from SnowForecast.com for Heavenly
--Discussion...Temperatures below are forecast for the peaks and the base, with highs and lows for both. Yesterday's Low/ High_Lake Tahoe; M/ M, Upper-Mountain; M/ M (8,848'), Similar to the Top; M/ M (estimated using Slide Mtn 9,650'). USUALLY UPDATED ONLINE BY/ BEFORE 6AM.

-OVERALL SITUATION TODAY>>> Its looking like blue bird skies after a fresh dusting of snow last night...a beautiful day with some clouds at times.

--TOMORROW THROUGH 6 DAYS - Another quick shot of snow is possible Sunday afternoon and evening and ending Sunday night as low pressure offshore sends a disturbance through the area. On Monday low pressure starts developing offshore, and light snow showers are expected in the moist southwest flow aloft out ahead of the low. We may be in a split flow pattern, whouch would not allow the full strength storms we are used to seeing, however low pressure moves in closer with colder temperatures decent snowfall next Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday continue slightly colder each day with more snowfall possible. The Thursday and Friday snow could be in the 1 foot plus range as low pressure sends stronger winds and more moisture for better "orographics"...we will watch.
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Thanks all!!!!!

Thank you very much, we're outa here a 6:00AM....can't wait!!!

Safe skiing to you all.

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I skied Kirkwood on Sat and Squaw today, Sunday. AWESOME conditions.

It's snowing now at Squaw (40" from my desk) and supposed to snow every day this week. Needless to say,

gt here now!!!!!!!!!!
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