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Credit Card Roulette

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just and FYI to jog some brains! I admit, I play. I respond to free credit card offers, if they are willing to throw 10K miles into my account. I'm from the East coast and have been flying to Salt Lake to ski -so that's a Delta trip. I prefer to leave regional, I can hop aboard here in Scranton at 6am, arrive in SLC at 10:15am and have lunch while waiting for my 12:30 ticket to be good. Pretty much same on return, leave anywhere from 2:30 to 4:55 and although i might get home late and bushed, (i take next morning off work), it makes for maximum vertical with 3 nts, 2 full days and 2 half days. Flying regional means $450 vs the 2hr drive for direct of $225, but time wise it works out the same.

So I have taken advantage of at least 3 American Express Delta offers, where they've given me 10K up front and then more, 7.5K or 10K if i spend a certain amount in the first 6 months.

I know i'm not the total expert on this subject, and their are people more organized than me. But it does take some organization, because i have found that these companies OFTEN have not put the miles in my account like they said they would. I started keeping a separate folder with the initial offer that i responded to, and then check my online account to make sure they buck up, when they are supposed to. I have had to make about 3 calls in the last 6 mo.'s to ask where are my miles??

I am a small business owner, and all of our business cards are mileage cards. Of course when i travel for business, i never use the miles, but pay out of business acct with cheap before tax $$$, and only use miles for personal travel. Another thing - these new cards that give you $100 in ticket value for 10,000 points, I don't think they represent a "good deal". Hopefuly what you are trying to do is save 25,000 points/miles to buy a $450 ticket.

Another thing if you are a UTard and travel Delta. They do have an Ameritrade deal, you can get up to 25K free miles, or one free trip, just for the hassle of filling out a few online forms and transfering some mutual funds or whatever.

Of course, now when i take my kids, I make sure that I buy them the free ticket with my miles, then If i am having to pay for one ticket, it is always mine,so i can get the miles in my growing account, not their measily acount, what is it 4K miles for rountrip to SLC, which represent about $80 on a free $450 ticket.

But we have had had these great $225 deals on rountrip from Phila, I thinkeven better last year, where it doesn't even pay to use miles, but "might as well" pay outright.

anyone else have any ideas to add! And I got good advice from this board on another post, seems like if i stay at the mission i can even stay for free, and there is free food available too in SLC - at the soup kitchens -do they offer takeout? I hear there is even free skiing if you don't mind hiking. Now a totally free trip, that's something to think about.
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There are forums on a website named FlyerTalk that are the best source for info on frequent flyer miles. Go to the Airline programs and pick your airline, likewise look at the the Hotel forums for hotel frequent stayer programs. These guys (and gals) are always talking about the latest credit card bonus miles deal. Search for credit card programs on your airline and you'll get lots of interesting info. The folks on FlyerTalk know their stuff, they are to travel what EpicSki is to skiing.

Also, take a look at the mileage converter from WebFlyer, it's supposedly the only one of it's kind -- the only converter that is kept current and knows what conversions are allowed and what are not, what the 'exchange' rates are, etc. WebFlyer and FlyerTalk are somehow related to each other.

One more thing, Microsoft Money, in addition to keeping track of financial accounts, had frequent flyer accounts. So you can enter your mileage awards in there, and compare the account balance against your monthly or quarterly statements.
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You should seek out Credit Cards anonamous before you are in financial ruins.
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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee
I'm from the East coast and have been flying to Salt Lake to ski -so that's a Delta trip. I prefer to leave regional, I can hop aboard here in Scranton at 6am, arrive in SLC at 10:15am and have lunch while waiting for my 12:30 ticket to be good. .
Next time, skip lunch and go redeem your free Park City Quick Start lift ticket at the Canyons. You'll be skiing by 11.
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Walk for free - Feb

The Canyons - that actually was the plan this year, because when we skied it two years ago, the Condor lift or whatever it is called was closed. (can't read their online map clearly) and so we were going to head back and check it out. But I just found out QuickStart is closed from Feb 15th to end of March. Somehow i missed Alta in my 3 trips last year so they are definetely getting a turn!

On another note: I can see the snow gods are lining up AGAIN for me for my weekend after Pres day trip.
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