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Some help on the Metrons

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OK, I demoed the Metron M11's last week at Vail, and thought that they would be a good all-mountain ski to compliment my 5*. I cannot, however, find anyplace that has the B5's to demo. So, my question is whether the folk here would recommend the B5's instead of the M11's.

My particulars -- I'm an advanced skier and will ski pretty much anything that does not involve air at the summit county resorts and vail. I'm doing steep and deep at JH in a month. I a big guy (getting smaller), 225#, 5'11 and have about 25 days in this season. I'm looking for these skis to handle the backside and trees, particularly the infrequent times when we get a bunch of new snow -- the 5*'s are fine in the other conditions.

So, should I commit to the M11's, B5's (without demoing them as I cannot find them), or try another ski?

Thanks for your help,
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Mike, I'm surprised that you haven't been able to find the b5 in Summit. Did you check at Copper?

That said, you're a big enough guy that I think the b5 would be a better choice for you. It is a beefier ski, and is a higher-end feel (like the 6* compared to the 5*). What did you think of the M:11's edge hold, stability, etc.? Also, what length did you ski in the M:11, what turn shape do you like? Speed?
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Vail Sports in the village across from Christy's has the B5 for demo.
I took their B5 162s for a spin last weekend.
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Thanks guys. I skied the M11 in 172. An amazing ski -- the only thing I have skied that I came close to liking as much was the RX8 -- but I already have the 5* as the front-side ski.

I found the M11 edge hold to be the most grippy ski I think I have ever skied. I generally ski at speed except in the trees (still working on conquering my fear there). I also skied the m10. Both skis are carving skis and do not like to skid -- fine for me, since I'm working on these skills. It seemed to me that these skis reinforced good skiing -- and required more work to ski badly.

I'll try out the B5 today.

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I've skied both the B5 and the 11 back to back. I own the 11 in 162 cm . I'm about 180 lbs. The 5 is more ski for sure and is a better hard snow ski that has a lot of power. The 11 is definitely not a slouch , but doesn't represent quite the performance upside as the 5. The 5 is definitely better on ice (more grip) and can ski through frozen "chunk" like its not there.

In powder and soft snow the contrast between the two skis is much less. I'd say at plus 200lbs. you would be better served on the B5 due to its construction . You probably want the B5 in the 162 cm. length however.
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I've skiied the M10, M11, and B5. the B5 is definately more ski by a good margin.
If you get a little sloppy the tail lets you know you'd better get out over the tips or else.
The M10 was a very nice ski with a bit more foregiveness but still demanding of good technique and very stable at speed.
Frankly, I thought the M11 was a bit of an oddball. Doesn't have the foregiveness of the M10 or the upside of the B5. Therefore it lacked the best of each of the other skis and yet brought nothing new to the table that it could call uniquely it's own.
Of course, ones size could make a difference as could ones preferences however, in speaking with the boys at Christy Sports, they seemed to indicate that I wasn't the only person who felt that way.
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The M:11 is the pre-beta 5 channel version of the b5. I suspect that the Puls cannot support the tortion like the b5 Mg channels can.
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Not sure if this is place to ask this question; if not, please direct me to proper area -
I was skiiing at Copper last Thursday and it was demo/preview day for shop owners, pros, ???
I met a guy from CA who said he had a pair of B5's with Neox 412's that were slightly used (about 4 times) that he would be willing to sell at a "discount". He didn't mention a specific number, but, intimated around $800. Does this seem reasonable? Thanks.
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$800 isn't a bad price, but they are changing next year. That said, they are also hard to find. Do check the For Sale section here, too, I think there were some there for less than that.
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Vail Sports in the village has plenty of B5's in 152 & 172 cm, but I didn't see any 162 on the floor yesterday. Price around $750, without binding.
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If you want a ski for the backside and trees the consider the M:EX it is wider than the B5 but still works in all conditions and the groomed. I was going to go for the B5 but since I only ski the groomed when there is no alternative I went for the M:EX. Ski it short like the B5.
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I just returned from Sun Peaks and demo'd the B:5's over the past 2 days (never tried the M:11's). However, if you're a big, solid guy, I can't imagine going wrong with the B:5 (I'm 200 lbs).

We had both solid hard pack and fresh snow and the B:5's ate it up. They told me I was getting the 162 cm, and I never checked. When I brought them back I was stunned to find they were 172 cm's.

The skis cranked in all conditions. They reward proper technique with a slingshot carve. They initiate a turn with the slightest of intentions.

I also own the Metron EX's, which I love (I bought them for Mt. Baker slop, but the slop never appeared this year). However, the B:5's are definitely more versatile. The best ski I've ever been on.
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Thanks for the replies. The gentleman who offered his "demo's" said that the new B5's were going to be lighter and that the Neox bindings would be lighter too (I think he said 1 lb reduction per binding).
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A pair of M:EX in 165 are for sale here
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