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Ski Bindings

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I just bought a used pair of Rossignol 177 skis with Marker Logic M5.2 bindings.Need some advice on how to adjust the bindings.I'm 5'10" tall,230lbs, and waer a size 11.5 (29.5) ski boot, skill level- intermediate. Any help would be appreciated!
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Unnaficially: Set the DIN at 7 or so.

Officially: Take them to a shop. Im not responsible for your injuries due to possibly setting it wrong.
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spend the money on getting them tested and properly set for your boot there isa lot more to the binding working properly then just the Din setting.
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I agree with Utah, if you're not familiar with binding adjustments, spending $20 or so on a proper checkup/adjustment is a very small price to pay considering you could endanger your healthif the bindings aren't properly adjusted. The other issue is that the bindings may not fit your boot at all without having to be redrilled (the previous owner's boot size would have to be very close to your own to be able to use the same binding without a remount).
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