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Free from NASA - Great 3-d sattelite map program

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This program is a zoomable pannable map of Earth. Using your mouse wheel you can zoom out far enough to see the entire planet or zoom in close enough to see individual streets and cars thanks to high res sattelite photos.


The coolest part is that the maps are 3-d and you can change viewing angles so that you aren't looking straight down on a mountain. Number keys 1-9 also exxagurate the terrain features. So go and fly around your favorite ski mountains or other famous places like Hoover Dam or your house in 3-d. It is well worth the time it takes to download.

Somebody linked the (similar) Keyhole program owned by Google a few weeks ago but Keyhole isn't free and doesn't have as many cool features as this program.
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Uuugh! Pretty awful so far compared to Keyhole. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it's not very inuitive, and slower than heck considering the huge installation on my computer.

I can't get in any closer than several miles overhead. What's the key to this thing? I haven't got the inclination to trudge through their help menu. Initial impression is that Keyhole blew it away.
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Interesting that they called it Keyhole. Keyhole was the classified name (since declassified) of one of the original spy satellite programs that made detante viable and arms control treaties verifiable during the cold war. By the way the best non-classified space based images available have 0.5m to 1m ground resolution. Expect some of it to start disappearing from the web, especially on Government sites as Homeland Security scrutinizes ever more public information. For now the USGS has all kinds of great maps, data, and imagery available, much of it for free. A lot of the digital elevation data similiar that sold at places like REI is available for free or very cheap as well as some freeware data readers.
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I'm getting the hang of it a little better now. It has some good features vs. keyhole - particularly the topo maps. But the biggest problem is the annoying tendency for the display to go wacko, especially near the bottom like this:

I have a pretty high end video card, so I can't blame that. Does anybody else not have this problem?

This is Squaw Valley, BTW.
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carvemeister - play around with the buttons on the top of the menu. They let you toggle between topographical maps, and other things. The 1m USGS is probably the one of choice though for the best resolution.

As far as slow loading times, the program is an enormous bandwidth hog for them and it has gained a lot of popularity recently so it is the number of people using it causing it to be slow most likely (Unless you are on a dialup in which case don't even bother with the program).

If you go into Layer Manager -> Images -> High-Resolution Terrain Mapped Imagery and make sure "USGS Digital Ortho-Quadrangles" is the only box checked you get some really high res pics.

My house is at:
lat=43.10509 long=-70.83951
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Yeah I get those also with a high end video card. The 3-d views that let you change angles seem to have some bugs still.
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