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Burke or Cannon?

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I'll be back in NE the first weekend in March. Plan to ski at Magic (free pass) on Sunday the 6th, but I'm looking for something new for the next day (Monday). I've skied many of the larger VT and NH resorts, but have never been to either Burke or Cannon. Any thoughts or preferences on either one would be appreciated.
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I've never been to Burke, but their "high speed detachable POMA" seems pretty interesting...

I love Cannon. Their twisting and turning trails, Steep frontside and decent OB in a good snow year keep me very occupied.

What else in the area have you liked/ types of terrain do you prefer?that might help with rec's
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Just look and see whichever mountain got more snow from the recent storm and go there.... Burke will have nobody there btw so it will keep the pow much better

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Burke!!!!!! I Love Burke!!!!!
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Originally Posted by RJP
What else in the area have you liked/ types of terrain do you prefer?that might help with rec's
I suppose that would help. I'm partial to high-speed groomer runs, but do like to mix up the terrain throughout the day - steeps, bumps, trees - to keep things interesting. I've had good days at Stowe and Sugarbush in recent years, even Killington.
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Originally Posted by teachskiljp
Burke!!!!!! I Love Burke!!!!!
I second that.... Burke Mountain is a great place to go and get away from the crowds. I've had many a phenomenal powder day on that mountain. Some days it could be you and the lift operators and no one else. There aren't many places out there that can offer that nowadays.
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i'd say ski them both, cannon is my favorite mountain and burke is one of my favorites right up there with magic which you'll be skiing and MRG. if you don't have time to ski both, ski cannon if the OOB interests you but go for burke if you're more interested in high speed cruising with options. cannon is great for high speed cruising too, but the best cruisers will get scraped off by noon time on a weekend whereas burke will have perfect packed powder all day. if you don't have to commit, the advise to go to which ever ski area gets more snow is sound. currently, burke has open glades whereas cannon doesn't have much gladed terrain to offer on the mountain proper. burke's bumps will be in better condition more reliably than cannon's which can deteriorate without fresh snow. definitely prefer cannon myself due to other options, but ymmv.
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i noticed you're looking for a monday option, so i take back my comment about cannon's cruisers getting scraped off, shouldn't be much of an issue on a weekday. for what it's worth, cannon got a lot more snow than burke did on thursday-friday but there's three weeks before you date so anything could happen.
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Well, I'd say it's still close, but I'm leaning toward Burke. A last minute decision is possible, so conditions are likely to be the determining factor.

Can anyone recommend decent lodging (small inns or B&B's) say within an hour near the 91 corridor?
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the Dunroamininn in Whitefield, NH is excellent and highly recommended. about one hour from burke though, a lot closer to cannon at about 20 minutes i would estimate. for burke, there's a couple of places to stay in lyndon i believe, right off the highway and 10 minutes from burke. splitting the distance between the two, i really enjoyed Thayers Inn in Littleton, NH (really nice town). a lot closer to cannon, but under an hour to burke, not far off i-91
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Stay in St. Johnsbury. A quintessential Vermont town w/ a ton of character. Has some good restaurants, a few B&B's (if my memory serves), is right off of 91, and is about 20-30 minutes from Burke.
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St. Johnsbury sounds ideal. I will definitely check into it. It would leave open the option of skiing either place. Thanks for the suggestions.
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