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Skiing legend Stein Eriksen is in the Hospital

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Stein Eriksen Was complaining of chest pains and was admitted to the Hospital were he underwent bypass surgery. from what i have heard the surgery was successful and Stein is in recovery from his Heart condition.
Please Join me in wishing this skiing legend a speedy recovery and hopes that he will soon be back on the slope at deer Valley soon.
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Let's all hope he has a speedy recovery and is back skiing next season. Heart disease is really scary. Stein looks fantastic in recent pictures. I 'm glad that he got to the hospital in time. A real living legend.

I think I would be absolutely spellbound if I saw him ski by.
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It's Stein---The way he's going he may be back on skis next week !

Hopes for a speedy recovery extended here too.....
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As it's been said, " Nobody Skis like Stein". We need our heros.
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Best wishes for a quick recovery. As a boyhood hero and an opportunity to ski with him years ago, I have very special memories with him.
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If you all want to know where there the first freeskier came from. It was Stein. Doing backflips, frontflips, and other crazy stuff on old wooden 8' long skis. Oh and he has a racing gold medal or two. Eh Tanner!
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Originally Posted by TJBrk
If you all want to know where there the first freeskier came from. It was Stein. Doing backflips, frontflips, and other crazy stuff on old wooden 8' long skis.
he set the standard of what a life on skis should be.
best wishes oh wizened one!
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His book, Ski like me, was the first I ever read on skiing. Hope he is back on the mountain soon.
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His book "Come Ski With Me" ..... and we all did in the 60's.

No better role model ever existed.

Let's hope we have more years of his example on skiing into our own autumn.
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Stein is one of those rare men. A Great guy, a very open and friendly man. He seems to be really liked by most of The Deer Valley employees from the lowest liftie to the Top Instructors on the Mountain.
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My Stein Moment

I was riding on the lift at Deer Valley(Yeah, I know, I know) when I see an unmistakable figure skiing down the mountain, perfect form and perfect hair. And the guy was singing(freakin' singing!) while being perfect and doing a perfect thing...
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Yes i have heard him singing. Mostly Norwegin Folk Songs.
At the annual dinner honoring employees with 5 or more season, he'll get up, make a toast, and has been known to teach the gathering a couple of songs.
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Was out skiing in Deer Valley this past weekend [4/10/05] and- Saw Stein Eriksen drinking a Pina Colada at Northside lift-his hair was perfect!
Seriously= he was out skiing. Said he lost 9 lbs but had regained 4 of them back.
He looked great and " his hair was perfect--awooo"
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I am really sorry I didn't see him when I was there 2 weeks ago!

Also Utah49, thanks so much for your generosity & Utah Hospitality!

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Originally Posted by swiftskier
Do you...
I find this post to be unacceptable. I have a family member who has had several open heart procedures in Boston and many non invasive procedures as well. Nothing is routine about heart surgery.....nothing....I take offense to this post. IMO is it way over the top out of line. At this point I would like to see this person dealt with by administration. Repeat UNACCEPTABLE. I will not comment further.

I join others of good will in wishing Stein a speedy recovery. He is one of the reasons I pursued our great sport with such enthusiasm. A true inspiration. Utah49 can you post an update? Thanks
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Good wishes, prayers, postive vibes, do not have to be received or heard first hand by the benefactor to have a positive effect. My prayers for Steins comfort, strength, and continued happiness, whether he knows I'm making them or not.
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Swifty, just stick to providing input on skiing. You seem to be really knowledgable in that respect. In all other cases you come across like a douche bag. No reason for it so it must just be the way you are. Guess that's our tough luck, eh?
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Originally Posted by swiftskier
Do you ....
The only routine surgery is on someone else!
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Originally Posted by swiftskier
Do you.
Very sensitive of you, swifty.

"Success rate
The mean success rate for coronary bypass operations is 98%. The risk may be higher for patients with severe damage to the heart muscle and severe blockage of the arteries. Even in the hands of the most competent surgeon, about 2% of the patients will not survive the surgery."

Let's say for the sake of argument that you fell skiing this afternoon and the diagnosis was that you needed arthroscopic surgery on your knee tomorrow. Now let's pretend that the surgeon told you that you have a 2% chance of DYING during the surgery.

How "routine" would that feel to you?


Good luck to Stein. I've seen him ski many, many times. The first was 35 years ago on Aspen mountain when I watched him ski Corkscrew, which was and may still be a natural half-pipe. I watched him glide up each wall, launch off the edge, and swoop back down the center. It was magnificent.
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My grandmother once said, "If you can't say something nice...."

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Originally Posted by swiftskier
Do you
congratulations on the most asinine, sour, negative post i have ever read here. i hesitated to even remark on it, as to do so only contributes to turning this thread into one about you, rather than the one who's being wished good health, but wow, you just took the cake.

this one ain't about you, jack. but now that you've shared, thanks for nothing.


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Originally Posted by swiftskier
Do you l
OK, one last comment. I joined this forum after guesting for 2 years....why? For smiles. See folks, I ski for smiles, my big ego days are long gone....and I joined epicski for smiles. Folks, I am not smiling here. After seeing my son flat lined several times at Boston Children's Hospital, often as result of "routine" procedure....well sorry if I am sensitive but I take offense to this post. HUGE! The sad part is it isn't even relevant. It has nothing to do with skiing. It is hurtful and evil.

Further, the response is "your tough luck"???? Well with all due respect, I already know that. I am well aware of how much tough luck my family has had. But love and prayers have seen us through so far. My rule, if it ain't fun doin' I am out. Life is too short and precious. Folks, until I see banned next to this losers name, I AM OUT. Shame, I have already met some real nice folks here who I communicate with on a regular basis. But you folks wanna let this evil troll live??.....BYE BYE. Throwdowns regarding skiing and assertations that I have made a stupid comment?....no worries bring it on, all part of the game. I enjoy the battle. This evil stuff, nah. Don't have time for it. I got a family to raise, golf and tennis balls to hit, guitars to play and trails to ski and, unfortunately, a job that requires focus. No time to get angry over a keyboard. Maybe I'll see some of ya on the hill some day. Think about it....this troll has taken over your house. His evil footprints have tread throughout your forum for over a month. Not my house tho, I'm out. My house, I'd throw the SOB out. Swiftie/beswift or whatever. You got him. Enjoy!
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I too wish Stein a speedy recovery. Knowing that SLC has some of the finest hospitals in the world I feel confident he will be fine.

When I was a kid in the 60's my brother and I watched every Thursday night the ski report on WCAX out of Burlington, Vt. The show always opened with Stein doing his amazing front flip. We were in awe.

In 1969 I was lucky to be at Snowmass and knowing Stein was there was exciting. Again, we got lucky and spotted him a few chairs ahead of us. We followed him, what poetry in motion, and at the bottom I saw we both were sking on the same ski...Rossi Strato's. Great memories.

BTW..here at Sugarbush the trail named after him is legendary just like the man.
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I hope Stein has a swift recovery from his surgery, and I hope that Swiftskier learns to grow up or shut up.
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Thanks, dchan.
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What did I miss? Is it too much to hope that...Is it true? Add my thanks to the above.
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I hope you've noticed the "official" response. Don't blame the whole group for one rash boor.

I too thank you, dchan.


Get well, Stein.
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