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Marker Ski Jacket?

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I found what I think is a good deal on a Marker Ski Jacket, does anyone have an opinion of their clothing? Good or bad?
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I have one of thier jackets and I like it. They were known as being more fashion then Funtion. They have made some big changes in the last couple of years. Still good looking yet more funtion in thier clothing then before. check out Overstock.com they have had some Jackets for as littel as $80.00
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All the clothing I've owned from Marker has been well made & durable. Some of their clothes are more fashionable than functional so be sure whatever your buying has the features you want.
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I bought a very cool looking yellow Marker jacket last year - basically because of the $80 price and the good looks. It is strictly my 20-35 degree and no fresh snow jacket. It's thin so it's not too warm - and it doesn't breath so if I wear it when it's warm or when there's powder I end up SOAKING wet! It looks good though.
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I've been using my Marker jacket for 2 years and couldn't be happier. It's plenty warm, water resistant, and wind proof. The outer material is very durable. Looks good, too. I have no complaints.
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i have one ...its great for the 10 to -30 days kinda bulky but its warm...got a old cb pull over for anything warmer
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Bought one new last year on Overstock for $99. It's insulated, offers easy movement, plenty waterproof, windproof but not terribly breathable. I use it for cold weather (anything below 20F), have to use the pit zips if it warms up. Non-baggy. I'm buying a new one (Goretex xcr) for next year, but will keep this for back-up. It looks great.
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Originally Posted by kzoo1
I found what I think is a good deal on a Marker Ski Jacket, does anyone have an opinion of their clothing? Good or bad?
I bought a Marker Jacket & Pants before last season. LOVE THEM. Kept me warm in -10 degree weather and didn't get too hot in 30 degree weather.
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My cold weather jacket is a Marker insulated jacket with zipoffs I got 2 years ago for $150. Its comparable in quality to my Spyder and Descente jackets, and was cheaper than both. Mine is a more race orientated jacket with the zipoffs and all, so its not the greates tin the pow, but it'll keep you nice and warm and 99% dry.
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