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Solly 912ti Cracks

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Last weekend I noticed cracks in the plates that secure the heals of the bindings to the plates below on the solly crossmax 10's. They were cracked in all 4 places where the screws attach about half way back the heal piece. I had never seen this before. They are covered under warranty but I was curious if any one else has encountered this issue with the integrated or non integrated 912's.

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thats not comforting when im deciding if i should buy a solly ski or not..
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I had it happened to one of the screw holes on a 914. I think it's really odd that it happened on all four though. Could it be that the screws were overtorqued?

I'm guessing that's why the heel track plates are metal on the 916s.

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Sounds like some tech put the ape arm to 'em.
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