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How many of you ski with packs? I am hoping to do some more serious terrain this year where a pack with safety essentials might be required. What I want to know is, what size pack should I look for (cubic in.), and what brands or specific models you would recommend. I would not be using this for multi-day trips, just one day hikes.

I'm sure this topic has come up before but the search function wasn't working for me.
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Don't go with a huge pack, as it will affect your balance and you'll have to do patroller turns to get down the hill. Figure out what you need to carry, and go from there. My heli pack is big enough to carry my shovel, probe, water (Nalgene bottle), fleece, spare socks, and snack food. Any bigger and I really start feeling the added weight.
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Use search, there was a thread a few months ago regarding packs.
That said wookey.net has good reputation. Very well built and strong. I have 1500 ci Sundog version that can carry everything that is needed for a day trip.
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Get a Da Kine Heli Pack Pro, it totally rules.

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I am a weekend patroller and I ski with a Wookie pack all the time. Most of the patrollers at Smuggler's Notch have them because we got a price break on a group order and they made them up special in all-black to go with our uniform. It sits nice up between the shoulder blades and doesn't move around. It's a terrific ski pack, and it comes with a snowboard option, in case you slip to the dark side. [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Lowe Alpine make good packs. Very tough. I have thrashed mine senseless for 5 years and it is in better than new condition (ok slight exaggeration [img]tongue.gif[/img] ). Just make sure you get one that can be compressed down tight for smaller loads.
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Ditto Dentist on the DaKine Heli Pro. It's great.
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Another vote for the Heli Pro. I've had it for 2 years and recently a seam ripped while using it for hiking. I called Da Kine and they sent me a new one, no hassles, great service.
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I also ski with a Wookie Sundog, about 1500ci. It is great for day trips, but would be too small by half for a longer trip out.
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My Da Kine has been to the summits, through the blizzards, across swollen rivers in jungles, and even survives the less than loving care of airport baggage handlers. There is not a single tear, at all times it was very comfortable and even has straps for your skis for the long walks. I've also used other Da Kine bags and equipment and I think they are excellent.
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I have a Marmot Scree, about 2000 in3, has hydration bladder sock and holes for the tubing. Ski loops on the side, shovel attachment on the main bag back, and a VERY comfortable fit with Marmot's BioSpan frameless design.

Might be bigger than you need, but it's a great pack.
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I ski (and climb, for day trips without a lot of technical equipment) with the smaller version of the Scree- the Marmot Eiger. You can get last year's version on sale at mgear.com for $69.00. About 2100 cu in, similar suspension, plastic frame sheet with a single aluminum stay. Well built and designed. Lowe Alpine makes fantastic packs, too. Another great ski pack is the Arcteryx Khamski, but it's alot more expensive, and probably more than you need if you stay inbounds.

I believe that the major criteria for choosing a pack to ski in should include a narrow profile (both side to side and fore and aft), and a bombproof but easy to use system for attaching the skis to the pack. Compression straps are really helpful to keep the load from shifting. After that, you need to try them on and see what's most comfortable for you. A frame sheet with or without stays is nice if you plan to carry more than 10 lbs.
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Can I strap skis/boots to any of these? Is the belly strap big enough to get around 40 something stomach with multiple layers?
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