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Powder Mountain conditions?

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Anyone got the lowdown on PowMow? I'm heading out there this Sat for a week and wondering what to expect conditions-wise. Bring the powder boards(Jak BCs...unfortunately doesn't look like it from what I can tell) or the mid-fats?

It figures that Maine is getting 1-2 feet and I'm leaving!!!!!!
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Can you bring both skis? They only got about 5" out of the last storm but another is supposed to roll through fri/sat. If you wanted to hike a bit I'm sure you could find some freshies.
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www.skiutah.com for conditions updated every day
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From http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/slc/snow/mtn.php

Northern Utah Mountain Weather Forecast

Thursday, February 10, 2005 1:00 pm


The Salsa Express is on its way. Moisture from near the equator is coming up past Baja and will stream into Utah for the weekend making things warm and wet. High clouds should come in this evening with cloudy skies on Friday. Light precipitation should start Friday night and get more serious on Saturday when rain should fall up to around 8,000’ with dense snow above and ridge top winds about 25 from the southwest. Yuck. It looks like about 0.8 – 1 inch of water with about 6 inches of dense snow. It should make for some interesting and slabby avalanche conditions.

Extended forecast:

Then the moisture keeps dribbling along and we will be cursed by the three W’s: wet, warm and windy Monday through about Thursday with yet another warm southern storm making a liar out of our license plates.
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Yuck is right.

Figures...Sounds like spring conditions?

I'm going to try to bring both I think - called Delta and they said they'd charge me if I had 2 skis in 1 bag, but another thread here on EpicSki basically stated that airlines don't charge for 2 pairs of skis in 1 bag.
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We just went out to Utah and flew Delta. I had two adult pairs and one kids pair of skis in my large ski bag and they didn't even ask about it. I wouldn't even say anything about it. Sometimes depends on the agent whether the rules are strictly enforced or not. I always do the kiosk self check in and that lets you deal with the agent less.
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Don't ask, don't tell. And if you get busted, don't complain.
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