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Snow forecasters

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Hello Fellas!

Where can I see the most serious and complete snow forecasting site?

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Snow forecasting

NOAA.gov is a great source of information. Click on the map on the left of their home page or type in the zip of the area you're interested in. Then click on "forecast discussion". Info can be a little technical but often times future trends are discussed. Also consider "snowforecast.com". They don't have every resort listed but they have alot of them. They seem to be fairly accurate but at times a little optimistic in terms of the long-range rorecast and "hoped-for" snowfall.
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for the utah area try this link, this is where the resorts get thier info from
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International Site

Guests don't have the full functionality of this site, but it does provide pretty good forecasts for non-subscribers:

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The reccomendations above are fine for the US. I hope you're not asking about Argentina. If you are they probably won't be of much help.
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Dont worry

Only for US and Europe.
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