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I am having a tough time deciding what size Fischer WC SC to buy and there aren't any around here to demo. I have 175cm Fischer WC RC's and love them. They are a couple years old when they were a little softer. I also have Pocket rockets for softer snow but now I want some ice skates for carving through crowds on firm snow Saturdays.

Today I skied 166cm Fischer WC SL's and loved them. They were definitely more ski than I want but they were outstanding carvers in the fall line and GS turns and great at carve 360's, my new trick. I would buy them but I want skis that will carve nice round turns on hard snow while going about 20mph. That is why I will get WC SC instead of WC SL. Also I want to be able to ski with these in big round mushy bumps and the WC SL would probably kill me in any kind of bumps.

I skied Head iSL in 156 cm and liked them but they seemed a little short in a way and not very lively. They were turny but not spunky. About three years ago I tried Fishcer Race SC in 165cm and they were fun and grippy but a little too easy. I am afraid I would break them down to fast and then overpower them.

Also, I suspect the WC SC in a 165 would have more fore and aft stability. I don't know if I really need this because I have skis a couple of pairs of 156's and staying centered seemed easy enough.

Lastly, I weigh 170 lbs, (77kg), ski about 80 day per year and have been into carving since the early 70's.

What do you think, 160 or 165? Should I start a poll? :-) Any comment would be appreciated.