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Aas mentioned before, I highly recommend the Best Western "Lodge at Jackson Hole" in town. Very nice place thru-out and very fair pricing.

The on-mountain food was pricey (big shocker eh??) but definitely very good. We ate at the Cowboy Cafe at the base one day and at the Casper Restaurant the others. As a family, we had meatballs subs, quesadillas and soup. They were all good!! The food at Targhee was also good and less hot chocolate I've ever had at a resort.

In town, I normally always have staek at the "Million $$ Steakhouse". This time, we went to "Gun Barrel Steakhouse". I tried the game platter which had venison sausage, elk chops and buffalo prime rib. I didn't care for the venison but the elk and buffalo were excellent. Their creme brulee was the best I ever had. My son had the New York strip and it was OK. I'd say go to the Million $$ Steakhose for steak and the Gun Barrel for "game".

Billy's Burgers on the Town Square was awesome as usual. A can't miss/ must do type of place as far as I'm concerned. Same goes for "Mountain High" pizza. I always have to eat there at least once during the week.

The last night we ate at "Hernadez' Mexican Food". This was my 1st time there. The decor is very plain for a place in town. Pretty pricey for mexican food. The food was actually very good but the margaritas were NOT.... I'll try a different mex food place next time.

I'm no JH expert but that's the way I see it....!!!