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help on atomic bevel

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I got two stories from shops on atomic ski tuneup:

one that it has to be done on 1 to 1.5 (bevel degrees bottom to side), cuz that 's what atomic says, or else the skis will be ruined bla bla.

the other is, yeah that's what atomic specs are, but they does all skis 1 on 1. doesn't make a difference, you can't tell a half degree on the side, more important to keep bottom of skis really flat bla bla.

who's right? does it make a difference?
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They are. Maybe.
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I have my Atomic 11.20's at 1* base/3* edge. A local shop here says that they normally don't recommend more than 2* edge angle as it will dull too quickly. He also said that the factory spec angles may not always be what you really get on your ski off the rack.

I figure if 1 and 3 is what Atomic recommends then, that's good enough for me.
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Atomics website FAQ page has the answers you are looking for. Check it out.
Atomic Skis

FAQ says factory spec is 1*base/3*edge.

Another FAQ says to not grind the bases flat (it gives a recommendation of how to grind Atomics). It states that the slight concavity at the tip and tail does not affect ski handling, etc. Also, states that grinding flat MAY void the warranty.

Hmmm, the old rule to always have the bases ground flat appears to not apply to Atomics, at least the 03/04 models.

Also in a thread last year "Concave Ski bases???"

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Factory specs = 1 DEGREE base, 3 DEGREE side edge. This is how they come out of the box. Includes shelf stock, Race stock and World Ccup stock. Applies to All Atomic models. DO NOT GRIND THE BASES FLAT! You'll ruin your skis. You can't take that much material or edge off of your skis.

Your skis only need to be flat about 1/4' to 1/2" in from each edge. Every pair of Atomics with Beta lobes I have seen are concave in the center of the tip area and sometimes the tail. Their speed skis with sandwich/sidewall construction are flat.

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Atomicman is right and I find it surprising that many shop do not know that Atomic side bevel is 3*. When I had Atomic, I always checked that the shop tech was doing the side edges at 3*. They do not dull out fast even at 3* as some may say.
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you will find that most of the shape skis are not flat even after a stone grind or 2, atomic just happens to have a memo about theirs, I like the part about the ski swimming to the top of the snow, also a lot of shops have their own thoughts on what a ski needs, last season I was skiing at alta & demoing some skis, I tune mine at 1 degree base & 2 degree side bevel, at alta the shop there told me they don't do any edge bevel because all they have is powder, kind of hard to tell how a pair of skis is going to do if you can't compare apples to apples, we skied brighton at night & it was icy not east coast ice but it was icy, the
R10 atomics I was trying from alta should have been great but I had to get out my k2 mach s as the atomics had no edge hold at all.
cheers bteddy
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