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Just back from Jackson Hole...Report!!

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This won't be the most exciting report to many on the board because I spent all week riding with my the family....no out of bounds details to report.

We arrived last saturday, Feb 9th. Checked into the Best Western "Lodge at Jackson Hole"n town. The rooms were pretty standard but nice and roomy, very clean place. Breakfast and shuttle to JH included in rate. Free town shuttle and bus service literally right in front of the place which was very convenient.

SUNDAY was spent at JH. We heard rumors about "limited" coverage but they pretty much turned out to be false...at least on the runs we were on. We rode/skied off every chair except the tram and the conditions were fine as far as I'm concerned. An inch of snow helped soften things up a little but by afternnon, the conditions were definitely hard and fast. It was VERY crusty if you tried to venture off the main runs...

MONDAY...back at JH. The mountain was reporting 3" of fresh snow. I demo'd some K2 Recon skis to due a lil fast ripping/carving with the hard fast conditions from teh day before. The snow was great in the morning, pretty much a carbon copy of the day before once the new stuff got pushed around...still crusty if you tried to venture off piste. I heard some diehards talking about Hobacks...do-able but alot of work.

TUESDAY...took the shuttle to Grand Targhee. As usual when I go there, the visibility was limited but they had plenty of snow. They were reporting 5" of fresh but it felt like 8-10" and it snowed ALL DAY. My 10 year old son and I split off from the girls and were ripping thru the trees all day off the Sacajawea and Blackfoot Chairs....easily 12"+ over in Blackfoot Bowl. A perfect day overall. I've never been disappointed at this place!!!

WEDNESDAY....back at JH. Once again, reporting 5" over the last 24 hours. I'd say about 2'" on top of the groomers as well. Every other day, we started at Apre Vous and worked our way across to the Sublette Lift. Today, we did just the opposite. We spent all morning at Sublette and Thunder and the snow was great. Once again, we ditched the girls and headed into the trees off the Sublette Chair....I'd say it was 8-10" deep in the "woods". After lunch at Casper, we went back to the AV chair and pretty much darted in and out of the trees, hitting as many little drops as we could fine...probably did 5-7 laps over there and had a blast.

Overall, a great trip. As usual, both the mountain and the town treated me well. There must be some reason I love this place so much!!!
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I was there for my first time Tues and Wed. and found the snow pretty good, but scrapy underneath. You can tell it's been warm then cold. (My buddies from Alta said the snow monday and tuesday was excellent there...) The lower hobacks were "interesting". I had a great OB run with Bob P. Too bad that was the only one. Skied thunder alot, Tower 3, mushroom chutes, expert chutes Alta chutes and other places I didn't get the names of. Had a couple of great lap through rondevous with wind blown pow inbetween icy bumps. FUN! We looked a Corbet's (which opened for the time first all year yesterday) but when full certs who work there and have skied it many (hundreds) times say "It's not right today" we skipped it...

That's about it. My legs are telling my today, we skied pretty hard...

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