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MBstores? Are they okay?

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Does anyone have experience with this online store? They have some good prices.

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I have bought from mbstores last year and everything arrived to me in an excellent condition.I have bought a marmot gtx xcr jacket and a marmot windstopper.I am situated in greece,europe and it took about 2 weeks to get the stuff. Surely they do have some really good prices. Go for it!!!
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Thanks, Stelios. Good to hear your experience. If anyone is looking for helmets or some models of Spy & Oakley goggles, they should take a look there.
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I just bought Spy Blizzard goggles from them...very reasonable price. Only problem is that they mailed me the wrong frame.
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I don't recommend this store after my recent experience. I ordered a Giro helmet, which they shipped in the original, flimsy box, alone. The box arrived with evidence the box had been crushed. The helmet did not show evidence of damage to my inspection, but I called Bell Sports, who manufactures the Giro, and they said they would not advise assuming the helmet is okay based on what I told them. They offered to do a free inspection, but that means I would have to pay to insure and ship it to them. They also said they always ship the helmets out with an additional protective box around the standard in-store box.

MBStores denies the possibility that the helmet might be damaged if I see no damage, despite what Bell/Giro says. They say it's fine to ship out in just the regular box alone without any padding or additional protection. If I insist, they said I could make a claim with FedEx, but they doubt the claim would fly with FedEx. FedEx says it's up to the merchant to decide.

I could return the helmet for a refund, but I would be out the ~$11 shipping and presumably the same amount to ship it back to them.

They also were arrogant and patronizing in attitude.
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 how did you get ahold of this place? i ordered some frames and havent heard anything from this pace 
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